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In July 2014, Zuo shangmingshe will participate in the 16th Guangzhou Construction Expo and launch a series of systematic franchise strategies to make franchisees more worry free, operation and management more assured, and create the most popular franchise brand in the industry

in July 2011, Zuo shangmingshe participated in the 13th Guangzhou Construction Expo to further promote the advanced concept of "advanced customization of overall home furnishings". In July 2014, Zuo shangmingshe will participate in the 16th Guangzhou Construction Expo. While upgrading the concept of overall home advanced customization, he will also launch a series of systematic franchise strategies to make franchisees more worry free, operate and manage more confidently, and build the most popular franchise brand in the industry

online and offline interaction, and the extraordinary exhibition experience is at this moment.

in order to further upgrade the exhibition quality, Zuo shangmingshe also actively participated in the "o2o exhibition of July China Construction Expo" activity of the exhibition organizer at the 16th Guangzhou Construction Expo

"o2o activity of the July China Construction Expo" is planned by the professional home building materials investment promotion website - Home hotline, and jointly organized by the organizer of Guangzhou Construction Expo - China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation. The purpose is to preheat the exhibition in advance, increase the exposure of brands before the exhibition, and better gather more dealers throughout the country during the exhibition

participating brands will provide a certain amount of vouchers as a special franchise discount. Dealers can get vouchers by making an appointment in advance on the event page. If they finally reach cooperation with the brand at the exhibition, they can use vouchers on items such as franchise fees, deposits, payment for goods (the specific use method depends on the brand investment rules), so as to reduce franchise investment. Brands without exhibition plans can also participate in this event. In the "view outside the exhibition" section, brands that cannot attend the exhibition also give the same preferential treatment to the China Construction Expo, expanding the influence of the China Construction Expo beyond the exhibition

systematic investment promotion policy is leading in the industry and preferred for joining

during the exhibition, dealers who successfully join through the home hotline activity page can obtain a limited amount of 30 RMB 5000 vouchers during the exhibition, which can be used for credit guarantee. In addition, Zuo shangmingshe also launched an industry-leading systematic investment promotion policy to give maximum support to franchisees! The specific franchise policies are as follows:

systematic store building support - reduce the pressure on franchisees to build stores

1. Provide a full set of decoration design, sample design and soft decoration configuration scheme free of charge

2. Configure the door header, logo, wallpaper, lighting and soft decorations free of charge

3. Configure the opening gift bag free of charge, with a full set of sales aids

4. Free of franchise fee, free of brand use fee

5 85% off sample supply

systematic training support - provide all-round training for franchisees

the training content includes but is not limited to the following:

operation and management training, product knowledge training, sales skills training, designer training, installation service training, diversified training modes

systematic operation and management support - Guide franchisees' standardized operation

1, standards, processes, modes

2 There are theories, practices, cases

3, guidance, communication, sharing

systematic marketing campaign support - support franchisees to improve sales

1. I'll do it, you learn

2. You do it, I'll help

3. I'll provide models You copy growth

systematic subsidy policy support - help franchisees operate healthily

brand promotion subsidy

provide subsidies for franchisees' advertising promotion and promotional activities

sales management subsidy

provide subsidies for franchisees' sales management

sales rebate subsidy

provide subsidies for franchisees to achieve their goals

brand introduction

Zuo shangmingshe - have a more comfortable style

Zuo shangmingshe for home use Pinpin (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., established in 2007, is a Sino foreign joint venture. With the operation concept of creative design, advanced customization, overall home furnishing and system marketing, the company has rapidly grown into a shining star of domestic furniture brands

the objects and furniture designed and produced by Zuo shangmingshe are no longer only satisfied with excellent functions, but also have aesthetic feeling, which will finally make you physically and mentally happy and enjoy your dream residence

the company is mainly engaged in advanced customized furniture and upholstered furniture. Its products cover the whole home system, including cloakroom, wardrobe, sliding door, bedroom furniture, living room furniture, dining room furniture, study furniture, integral cabinet, sofa, soft bed, etc. such a long and complex product line aims to provide customers with overall solutions for home system

Zuo shangmingshe's home design concept is: seemingly careless, in fact, carefully match various styles and materials, and integrate seemingly opposite design elements, so as to form a bright, comfortable, aesthetic and customizable furniture whole, in order to provide consumers with household products with good taste, unique beauty and value





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