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"My youth, my era, I speak..." on August 12, the hot pursuit of the king of cigarette machines did not subside, and Cohen colorful series cigarette machines ushered in the full line listing. According to the reporter from Zhejiang Cohen marketing center, the market positioning of colorful range hood is different from the traditional range hood black and stainless steel natural color products in the past. This time, the products with rich and diverse colors will be launched across the board, which will be more close to the needs of nearly 80 and 90 generations of users. Zhao Hanbin, marketing director of Cohen electric appliances, stressed that products are young, diversified and personalized, which is also the fundamental mission of building a consumer centered kitchen electric enterprise. The colorful series of products launched at the end of this volt will definitely bring a new experience to end users

as the saying goes, "those who win users win the world", the post-80s and post-90s generation who advocate themselves and show their personality have gradually become the main force of kitchen and electricity consumption. The rigid and single color of the traditional range hood can no longer catch their eyes, and the personalized choice of color will become more competitive. Cohen, who has been committed to brand building, foresaw this and began to transform from "product is king" to "user first". After more than a year of planning and design, range hood products with a variety of colors have been officially launched on the market since this month. This brilliant and excellent product will return to the user-oriented needs in the way of "customization", and choose the color you like according to your personal needs. "The fundamental starting point of product development and design is to meet the needs of users. Cohen was the first to put forward the new concept of creating a" colorful kitchen ". In a way, it really breaks the limitations of the monotonous color of the traditional range hood in the industry, and can really make the kitchen as romantic and warm as the bedroom." Said Qiu Qingqiang, the product designer of Cohen

of course, the focus of Cohen appliance on the creation of product personality does not mean the neglect of product quality. Incoming material inspection, online first inspection of parts and components, assembly inspection, sampling inspection of finished products... Every product of Cohen appliance has to pass dozens of checkpoints, and the management and control of product quality has penetrated into the blood of "Cohen people"

from the initial brand explorer to a three-day exclusive store, the development speed of one online store a day shocked the industry; From the first in the industry to put forward the slogan of "replacing the machine with a new one in case of oil leakage in the smoke collecting chamber or motor quality failure within three years, to replacing the machine with any problem in the king series within one year", and then to the first to put forward the concept of "colorful kitchen", every step of Cohen appliance is solid, steady and innovative. In 2015, the Cohen Electric Appliance Industrial Park designed by domestic first-line brand designers will be completed. At that time, Cohen electric appliance will draw a more spectacular brand blueprint on its own land and create a stronger new Cohen




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