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In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people's material and cultural living standards and the demand for high-grade industrial product quality, the requirements for the environmental quality in the industrial plant are becoming higher and higher. The important link to improve the internal environmental quality of the plant lies in improving the natural ventilation design of the plant, organizing the intake and exhaust flow inside the plant, so that the plant can obtain the due fresh air, And take away a large amount of waste heat, dirty air flow and harmful gases that affect workers' health and product quality

the ventilation skylight can discharge the dirty and harmful gases in the plant timely and effectively, which not only improves the work efficiency of employees, but also contributes to the health of employees. This kind of ventilation skylight is natural ventilation, which uses the wind caused by the thermal pressure and wind force formed by the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor to realize natural ventilation, without external power, energy conservation and environmental protection. The following editor will introduce how to drain the ventilation skylight and the classification of the ventilation skylight

how to drain the ventilation skylight

installing the ventilation skylight can purify the indoor air to a certain extent, but if the waterproof and drainage are not handled well, in rainy weather, the house will leak and nothing can stop it

the slope of the roof is basically 10 DEG- 60° Between, the roof exceeds 10 DEG; Of is called pitched roof. It is generally believed that 30 DEG; It is the best slope. The stress on the roof top surface of this slope is reduced, which is the most convenient for roof drainage. There is an international standard for the drainage of roof ventilation skylights: the high-quality drainage performance mainly depends on the aluminum alloy drainage board, and a special waterproof coating is made on the surface of the drainage board to ensure the long-term use of Tianchuang in various climatic conditions. In order to ensure the quality of waterproof coating, the owner can let the business do smoke test and ultraviolet test when purchasing

there is a common method for the drainage design of skylights: design a hidden drainage channel. This unique drainage system structure can effectively guide rainwater from the roof at the top of the window to the roof tile at the bottom of the window

the dimensions of roof window products are five fixed standards. Professional installers are required to measure the dimensions on the door. Do not measure by yourself, so as to avoid size confusion and inability to match. When using at ordinary times, pay attention to opening the ventilation skylight of the roof every day, otherwise it will be difficult to open or deform after being closed for a long time

classification of ventilation skylights

1. Sunken ventilation skylights

sunken ventilation skylights make use of the space of the roof truss to make high and low staggered roofs, and form a vertical plane at the height difference between the upper and lower roofs for ventilation and lighting, which reduces the weight of the roof, saves indoor space, and can also play the role of wind shelter

2. Top through ventilation skylight

the top through ventilation skylight is to set up the skylight frame, wind deflector support, wind deflector and other components on the roof of the plant, and most of the skylights are equipped with gutters at the top, which has the functions of lighting and ventilation, and the structure is relatively complex

ventilation skylight performance

1. Sound insulation performance

no matter what kind of comfortable living space, if there is noise or uncomfortable sound, you will not calm down. Because of the excellent sealing structure and the special sound insulation performance of wood, wood windows can block sound transmission. On the one hand, it reduces the noise of outdoor aircraft and vehicles into the room, and it is also difficult for indoor conversation sound to leak out to the outside

2. Decorative performance

modern home decoration is increasingly pursuing a natural, environmental friendly, noble and elegant style. Aluminum alloy skylights and PVC skylights are not matched with the indoor overall solid wood decoration style, which affects the overall effect and grade of decoration

3. Environmental protection performance

solid wood skylights are in line with our consumption concept of modern environmental protection and green building materials through air tightness, moisture retention, UV protection, heat insulation, sound insulation and other performance, reducing noise and energy consumption

4. Moisturizing performance

in cold winter, there is heating in the north and air conditioning in the south. No matter what kind of heating method, we will hope that our windows are moisturizing. The insulated windows make our room warm quickly, and the room temperature will not drop soon after turning off the heating and air conditioning. In today's increasingly tense energy, moisturizing windows not only enable families to save heating expenses, but also have a wide range of social benefits

5. UV protection and heat insulation performance

in hot summer, whether in the South or North, people rely on air conditioners or fans to cool down, but also hope that the skylight is heat insulated. Moreover, strong ultraviolet radiation will damage people's skin and reduce the life of furniture, floors and skylights

editor's summary: that's all for how to drain the ventilation skylight and the classification of ventilation skylight. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to know more, you can pay attention to information





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