What fields are polyester resins mainly used in

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Polyester resin is the abbreviation of unsaturated polyester adhesive. Polyester resin is a general term for polymer compounds formed by condensation of diols or dibasic acids or polyols and polyacid. Polyester resin is divided into saturated polyester resin and unsaturated polyester resin. Unsaturated polyester adhesive is mainly composed of unsaturated polyester resin, pigments and fillers, initiators and other additives

the difference between polyester resin and alkyd resin is that the raw material of synthetic polyester resin does not contain vegetable oil or fatty acids, which are the main embodiment of oils. Polyester can be divided into saturated polyester and unsaturated polyester. Saturated polyester refers to synthetic raw materials that do not contain unsaturated bonds other than benzene rings. The following editor will introduce the relevant knowledge of polyester resin

what fields are polyester resins mainly used in

polyester resin is mainly used in three fields: fiber, sheet and film, and bottle resin

fiber about 1/2 of synthetic fibers in the world are made of pet. It is suitable for producing high-strength fibers, paper-making nets, high-strength films, etc. PET sheet is a sheet used for pharmaceutical packaging after PVC sheet. Especially after some European countries banned PVC from one-time packaging, it has become the main sheet used for pharmaceutical packaging. PET sheet is made of PET resin through drying, extrusion and casting. PET film is used as high-grade packaging material for medical appliances, precision instruments and electrical components, and as the base material for audio tapes, video tapes, film films, computer floppy disks and photosensitive films. Pet can also be made into stretched film for the packaging of various products, and composite film can be made by aluminizing or coating PVDC and then compounding with other films

pet is characterized by light weight, high strength, good toughness, transparency, high internal pressure resistance after oriented stretching, good chemical stability and high barrier. It can be made into bottle containers for the packaging of aerated drinks and purified water. Crystalline PET resin has low gas and water vapor transmittance and excellent gas, water, oil and odor resistance. It is non-toxic, tasteless, and has good health and safety. It can be directly used in food packaging. It is a good heat-resistant packaging material at present. It is suitable for frozen food, food containers treated by microwave, and the packaging of hot filled food

the dielectric strength and volume resistivity of polyester film are the largest among plastic films, and it is the most used insulating material in plastic films. It is resistant to most solvents and high temperature. It is widely used in motors, capacitors and transformers as the base material of insulating materials, audio tapes and video tapes

performance application of polyester resin:

when synthesizing polyester resin, if some other structures are introduced through chemical modification, the polyester resin can have properties that it does not originally have, so as to improve and highlight certain properties, so as to achieve special application performance requirements. Epoxy, acrylic acid and silicone modified polyester resin are mostly used

polyester resins used in coatings are generally low molecular weight, amorphous, branched and crosslinkable polymers. It is generally esterified by polyols and polybasic acids, and has pure linear and branched structures. The paint film prepared by pure linear structure resin has better flexibility and processability; The hardness and weather resistance of the paint film prepared by branched structural resin are outstanding. By adjusting the formula of polyester resin, such as excessive polyols, hydroxyl terminated polyester can be obtained. If the acid is excessive, the polyester terminated by carboxyl group is obtained

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