Fierce competition in the hottest paper market and

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The paper market is highly competitive, and the effect of price increase remains to be observed

① this week, the paper sector performed better than the market. This week, the paper sector rose by 2.39% as a whole, stronger than the market (the CSI 300 rose by 0.08% in the same period), and the key paper companies rose by 1.14%

② the transaction has not been fully recovered, and big manufacturers have tried to raise prices one after another. Coated paper prices remained stable this week. The downstream printing plants have not yet been fully started, and there are few transactions. In addition, the coated paper market is highly competitive, and most dealers take a wait-and-see attitude towards Jindong's price increase. At present, the paper mill is under great pressure to make profits, and other large mills may follow up to raise prices after the market is fully recovered

the price of double offset paper remained stable this week. The operating rate of the printing plant is still insufficient, the transaction is light, and the Golden Globe quotation has been raised by 200 yuan/ton, which has not been implemented yet. The price of grey background white board remained stable this week. Due to energy supply constraints and downstream demand problems, some of Fuyang paper mills have not yet started construction; The production of paper mills in other regions is basically based on the orders made before the year, and the recovery of the operating rate of printing mills is slower than that of paper mills, resulting in fewer new orders; The market is in a heavy wait-and-see mood. The price of white cardboard remained stable this week. Production resumed slowly in the downstream, and there were few market transactions. The prices of app, sun, Bohui, etc. were raised due to cost pressure, but the dealers still focused on digesting the inventory before the year, and the terminal price was temporarily stable. The transaction price of box board paper and corrugated base paper remained stable. The main paper mills in East China and South China have started up one after another, but the transaction has not been fully recovered. The large mills in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai have generally raised prices by yuan/ton, and the implementation effect remains to be seen

③ the price of domestic pulp rose, the price of international coniferous pulp fell, the price of broadleaf pulp rose, and the price of American waste ONP and OCC rose

arauco, fibria, Suzano and illim raised their offer prices one after another, and the dealers raised their prices or held back their sales until all the paper mills were started, and the pulp market price rose accordingly. During the Spring Festival, leading domestic box board mills continued to purchase in overseas markets, pushing up OCC prices after the festival. The local selling price of American waste has risen sharply, and some suppliers have tentatively raised their quotations. It is expected that the transaction will be more active after the operating rate of downstream paper mills is restored, and the price may rise further

④ furniture industry: it was learned from the Beijing business work conference held on February 3 that Beijing will explore the work of replacing old furniture with new furniture this year. At present, the plan is still in the discussion stage. It is understood that it is difficult to implement the asphalt waterproof coiled material test method GB 328.1 ~ 328.7 (8) 9 (for example, the non-standard furniture products such as the treatment and pricing of old furniture and the selection range of new furniture have the advantages of electro-hydraulic servo experimental machinery, displacement and deformation control, and the decentralization of enterprises is different from that of home appliances), but it reflects the government's willingness to stimulate furniture consumption, According to the well-known example of the household appliance policy from regional demonstration to national promotion, this policy is close to providing timely help to the furniture enterprises in the cold winter (to stimulate the renewal demand to replace the new home demand affected by the decline of real estate sales)

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