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Wang Hao: financial innovation and practice driven by artificial intelligence

on December 13, 2018, the seventh annual summit of "intelligence · future" fx168, hosted by fx168 finance group, will be officially held in Shanghai Yajule Marriott Hotel. The summit will focus on topics such as "financial innovation and practice driven by artificial intelligence", "how to save the trading market by blockchain CFD liquidity", "Sino US trade frictions and the new pattern of world bulk commodities" and "trading market under the new situation of artificial intelligence", and invite artificial intelligence experts and financial industry leaders to discuss the future of artificial intelligence and finance. It will also be a great opportunity to understand cutting-edge technologies and gain insight into financial trends

at the summit site in the afternoon, Dr. Wang Hao, a master of the Department of electronics of Tsinghua University, a doctor of computing engineering of Helsinki University of technology, and a member of the pervasive computing Expert Committee of the Chinese computer society, first gave a keynote speech on "artificial intelligence driven attention to whether the screws and nuts at each part are financial innovation and practice under the problems of looseness and rust". In his speech, Dr. Wang Hao first introduced the concept and development status of artificial intelligence

what is artificial intelligence? Dr. Wang Hao pointed out that at the very beginning, artificial intelligence mainly solved the problem of "what is and what is not". But this is not real intelligence. Real intelligence is to identify the activities between two things and their relationship. For example, if you have a, you should get B. this process is real intelligence

in order to help people better understand artificial intelligence, Dr. Wang Hao explained the logical application of artificial intelligence in the fields of image recognition and chess, pointing out that the current artificial intelligence not only solves the problem of image recognition, but also solves the field of chess. At the same time, the concept of deep neural network is put forward, and it is pointed out that artificial intelligence can imagine all problems as a kind of recognition problem, a simple process of doing or not doing

after explaining the concept of artificial intelligence, Dr. Wang Hao introduced the development timeline of artificial intelligence. It is pointed out that although there is no theoretical breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence in 2012, it can be regarded as the first year of deep learning, because a significant event has taken place in the field of artificial intelligence in 2012

2012, a deep neural network called "alexnet" won the first place in an artificial intelligence image recognition competition, and its performance even exceeded that of human beings, which is a milestone for the artificial intelligence network. However, in theory, the learning framework of neural network was put forward in 1969. In 1985, the neural network mode of backward propagation appeared. In 2006, the deep neural network was proposed. In 2012, it surpassed human beings in image recognition. This is because of big data and cloud computing. In 2012, in terms of the basic framework of cloud computing and the available data, it can fully support artificial intelligence to do more complex operations. Therefore, in essence, artificial intelligence is a problem of analysis and optimization, which is supported by a large number of data. In essence, it is the support of big data and cloud computing for computing power, which made the first breakthrough in 2012 and then developed rapidly

although artificial intelligence has developed rapidly and made great achievements, it also has boundaries

Dr. Wang Hao pointed out that the advantages of artificial intelligence are mainly reflected in big data. The development of int mobile Internet has enabled us to obtain low-cost and high-quality data without bottlenecks. Therefore, we have accumulated a large number of pictures and voice texts, including the improvement of transaction and computing power, and the development of hardware

however, Dr. Wang Hao pointed out that there are still differences between artificial intelligence and humans. When humans recognize and judge the world, they recognize causality, while artificial intelligence is a correlation derived from data learning, which does not understand the real meaning of the problem. The second is that human beings can easily do reasoning, but so far the forefront of artificial intelligence research has tried to solve the problem of reasoning, and no effective results have yet emerged

after the above detailed introduction to artificial intelligence, I will return to the core theme of this speech, artificial intelligence and trading

Dr. Wang Hao pointed out that the essence of transaction is the relationship between games. At present, no system with super artificial intelligence can handle such a seemingly simple game as "transaction", because artificial intelligence transactions are completely random. Artificial intelligence cannot solve the boundary of the market, and the artificial intelligence system of floor trading cannot be disturbed by the "noise" outside its framework

Dr. Wang Hao used a square level with a precision of 0.05/1000 to carry out the alignment and pointed out that so far, few systems that all use artificial intelligence to make decisions have operated stably in the trading market, because the people who make artificial intelligence systems have not thought deeply about the nature of the trading market. Trading is not a natural phenomenon, but is caused by human behavior and group game. Therefore, it is not a controllable experimental environment and cannot be judged by traditional comparison

therefore, Dr. Wang Hao believes that to solve the problems of standardization and automated trading in a more pragmatic way, we can not rely entirely on artificial intelligence, but can instead do several high-efficiency things, broaden the width of our investment, and solve the cognitive width and efficiency. Ultimately, it is the combination of artificial and intelligent, "intelligent doing dirty work, manual doing the highest value"

Dr. Wang Hao therefore put forward the concept of quantitative trading, and pointed out for example that stock trading can be done in the way of artificial intelligence, trying to simulate a portfolio with a small number of stocks. For example, the CSI 300 and the CSI 500 both have constituent stocks, but in the future, dozens of stocks can simulate the trend of an index, which is equivalent to fitting the index with any stock portfolio. Simulate an index through a small number of stock pools, hedge through valuation futures, and lock the discount rate obtained from large OTC transactions. The same method can be used to drive any event

Dr. Wang Hao pointed out that the purpose of sharing cases is to help people open their perspectives. In the era of artificial intelligence, we do not need to rely on artificial intelligence to solve all problems, but we can solve the key points that human beings are not good at. These points are precisely the points where we can stabilize our income

finally, Dr. Wang Hao talked about his own views on the first ecological overview report published by Jin He in 1996, integrating the field of science and technology, and conducting intelligent transactions in combination with artificial intelligence

Dr. Wang Hao believes that in the era of artificial intelligence, there is no difficult transaction in the world. We rely on artificial intelligence to expand the investment width, and our brains trained by artificial intelligence can survive stably in the market. 2019 is a very important year for the production of non conflict keys. It is one of the few years in the future that there will be great opportunities. We can use more advanced tools to conduct more intelligent transactions with a variety of dimensionality reduction cognition

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