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Principle and performance advantages of measuring cup filling

quantitative cup filling is also called volumetric filling. From the structure of quantitative cup, it can be divided into: open quantitative cup, semi closed quantitative cup and fully closed quantitative cup

compared with the fixed level filling, the quantitative cup filling improves the filling accuracy because it is not affected by the bottle shape error

its filling principle is as follows: when the bottle rises, it is recommended that the bottle should first contact the filling valve at the port below 1V to make the valve core move upward. In the process of moving, the wine inlet should be closed first, and then the filling port should be opened. The liquid flows into the bottle by its own weight. The air in the bottle continues to be discharged into the atmosphere by the pilot first. After the bottle is filled, it starts to fall, and the valve core drops at the same time. First, close the filling port, and then open the wine inlet. After the wine is full, Wait for the next filling process

the filling principle of the open quantitative cup is as follows: the bottle rises, the quantitative cup is held out of the liquid level of the wine cylinder, and then the wine outlet is opened to make the liquid flow into the bottle. After filling, the bottle drops, the wine outlet is closed, and the quantitative cup is then submerged into the wine, so that the liquid fills the quantitative cup, waiting for the next filling process

the filling accuracy of open quantitative cup and semi closed quantitative cup is generally 0.5%. The filling accuracy of the fully closed quantitative cup newly developed by Xinxiang light machinery has been further improved, and the average error is no more than 0.15% after testing, which is much higher than the national standard. The theoretical performance of the insulation board of this filling machine is very close to that of the graphite polystyrene board. The advantage is that no filling is allowed without a bottle, and the filling change is the left and right inclination angle e of the force measuring part, with high precision

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