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Is the price war the trend of fierce competition in the plate industry

nowadays, there are fixed load extension, elastic modulus, elongation, maximum value, minimum value, average value and net energy at any point of the price war in many regions of the plate material market where relevant parts should be fastened. Recently, insiders also disclosed that the engineering party refused to continue cooperation with a plate enterprise because of its poor product quality

is price war the trend of fierce market competition

in fact, a large number of similar problems are in the plate industry. At present, most of China's plate enterprises are fighting a price war at the expense of product quality. In the author's opinion, all similar things have proved that "the enterprises' desperate low prices regardless of quality will only lead them to a dead end". At the same time, they are also like a loud slap in the face of the plate enterprises that lack long-term goals. They only see that "low prices" can quickly tackle key problems, but do not see "value" as the way to win

price war is an inevitable product of the buyer's market. In the buyer's market, there is fierce competition among enterprises. It is necessary to improve market share and stabilize their survival and development in the cruel competition. Price reduction is the most effective and effective means to occupy and seize the market. The current situation of the plate market is that there are too many and too few, and the supply exceeds the demand. Under this situation, it is understandable to play the banner of price war. But there is a premise that cannot be ignored, that is, the quality of products. Any price reduction and profit transfer are based on the stability of product quality. Otherwise, it is not profit transfer, but fraud

however, the reality worries the author. At present, in China's plate industry, large plate enterprises can continue to develop by relying on the advantages of scale, technology and brand, but there are few such enterprises. However, most small and medium-sized plate enterprises in China have no scale advantage, no financial advantage to support R & D, and no brand advantage. If they participate in the price war, they may fall into a precarious situation

because if the price of small and medium-sized enterprises is low, it is difficult to guarantee the profits. How can we guarantee the investment of technology R & D funds when the long-term profits are difficult to guarantee? How can product quality be improved without technical support? "Without quality, it's better not to be a customer than a customer." The source told

therefore, how long can the enterprise sustain such a vicious cycle

price war still needs to take quality as the premise

price war generally refers to a kind of commercial competition between enterprises by competing to reduce the market price of goods. Its main price reduction driving forces include market pull, cost push and technology push. In terms of term interpretation, there is no meaning of reducing product quality for price reduction. The reason why the price war makes people pale at the sound of it is that, in addition to the transparent profit space, the net profit of the enterprise is reduced. More importantly, the price war is secretly changed by people with other intentions. They use consumers' psychology of seeking bargains, sacrifice product quality to reduce production costs, and put products without quality assurance on the market to participate in price competition

the proliferation of shoddy products in the plate market has affected the image of the entire plate industry, shaken consumers' confidence in purchasing, and made other plate enterprises that follow the market rules to make products in a down-to-earth manner suffer "unjust injustice" and are "repeatedly sitting down", forming the impression that the products produced by domestic plate enterprises are not mature enough in the market. On the contrary, the products of some foreign brands, no matter how much they are questioned, are still the preferred brands in the hearts of consumers

recently, the media exposed that there are a large number of fake and shoddy foreign products in the market, but this is the case. A large number of domestic consumers are still willing to consume their products. Why? In fact, the reason is that foreign brands have already established a good brand image in the hearts of consumers, which leads to that no matter how many Nippon and Dulux fake and shoddy products appear in the market, consumers have to buy their products. But it seems that domestic plate enterprises have no such treatment

therefore, I would like to remind you that no matter whether you participate in the price war or not, plate enterprises must put product quality first. In order to survive in the price war, accumulate precipitation and lay a solid foundation for building a brand in the future, plate enterprises must ensure product quality. Only with technological progress can they become Advisory sales, control procurement, production and enterprise operation costs, expand their influence and provide after-sales services

in addition, it is necessary to consolidate customer relations, turn customers into "fans", and maintain customers' awareness and loyalty to the brand. In order to ensure the product quality, the microcomputer controlled electronic universal experimental machine produced by StarTech, a domestic brand, is a technological leader in the same industry. At the same time, it makes the price more close to the people, so as to achieve a win-win situation between enterprises and consumers. Only in this way, the plate enterprises will be able to live a good life in the case of a depressed market

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