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Current market situation of PS aluminum plate base in China's printing industry

aluminum plate base is one of the basic factors for manufacturing high-quality PS plates. In recent years, the PS plate industry in China has developed rapidly, but the aluminum plate base, especially the domestic plate base, cannot fully meet the needs of the PS plate industry in terms of quantity and quality. So far, there are 7 major PS plate base manufacturers in China, including Southwest Aluminum Group Company, North China Aluminum Co., Ltd., Longma aluminum group company, Fujian Ruimin aluminum strip Co., Ltd., Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd., Chongqing aluminum products factory and Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. After years of efforts, several large domestic aluminum processing plants have been able to provide a considerable number of qualified version bases of ni0.053. However, there is still a gap in quality compared with imported products, and the supply quantity is insufficient (less than half of the demand). However, the imported PS base has the disadvantages of poor supply, long cycle and high cost, which is unsatisfactory

The rapid development and great achievements of PS plate manufacturing industry depend on the rapid development of China's printing industry. At present, the total volume of China's printing industry has ranked first in the world, but the per capita consumption is only US dollars, Japan is US $470, and the United States is US $316, which shows that China's printing industry still has considerable room for development. In terms of some indicators related to the printing industry, China's per capita indicators are still quite low, so China's printing industry (including PS version) still has considerable potential

after long-term development, at present, the domestic PS version of general quality has a slight surplus, while the high-end PS version is still insufficient. The aluminum plate base, special specifications and special performance plates of high-end PS version still need to be imported

through years of production research, in recent years, although several major domestic aluminum processing plants have made considerable improvement in the product quality of PS plate aluminum base, in order to truly meet the quality requirements of PS plate factory for aluminum base, we must also work hard to improve the grade and quality stability, so as to create conditions for the popularization of high-end PS plate and CTP plate in our country

China's PS plate industry is facing two forms of challenges, one is the rapid rise of CTP technology, and the other is the impact of foreign high-quality PS plates on the existing domestic plate market due to the reduction of import tariffs of PS plates after China's entry into WTO

however, industry experts believe that the overall situation of China's printing industry has provided a good development space for the promotion of domestic CTP technology. As long as the popular batch market demand does not disappear, the key position and role of PS edition (including CTP edition) will not change. PS edition is currently in its heyday, and CTP edition will become the main way of plate making. The use of CTP plates in developed countries accounts for about half, while in China it is only a few percent. In the foreseeable future, part of the PS plate market will give way to CTP plates, and the proportion of PS plate and CTP in the market will fluctuate, but it is expected that the total output of PS plate in China will not decrease within this year

so far, no better material that can replace aluminum plate has been found in the material selection of PS plate base

at present, there are two ways to produce PS plate aluminum base in China: casting rolling and hot rolling. With the vigorous development of China's printing industry, the market and production capacity of PS plate and aluminum plate base are growing rapidly. At present, the upsurge of domestic aluminum plate, strip and foil project construction is in the ascendant, new enterprises are constantly emerging, and the process technology is changing with each passing day. It is cut at 1/4 of the outer end of the diameter or diagonal, and the market changes in a dizzying manner. In June, 2005, the (1 + 4) hot continuous rolling production line of Southwest Aluminum Group has been successfully put into operation; In 2004, China's aluminum strip industry developed unprecedentedly. This year, there were two new (1 + 4) hot rolling production lines, four single stand double coiling hot rolling production lines, and four lifting belt tension testing machines (lifting belt tension testing machines), which were divided into vertical lifting belt tension testing machines (vertical lifting belt tension testing machines) and horizontal lifting belt tension testing machines (horizontal lifting belt tension testing machines), and about 10 casting and rolling production lines. In addition, Bohai aluminum, represented by the proposed cold and hot-rolled aluminum strip production lines, has more than 10; In 2004, China's hot rolling production capacity was about 1.2 million tons/year; There are 238 double roll continuous casting and rolling production lines, with a production capacity of 2.05 million tons/year, ranking first in the world. It can be considered that the market of supplying PS aluminum plate base meeting the standard requirements with quality and quantity in China's aluminum processing industry has become increasingly perfect

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