Current situation of printing scale of China's pri

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The current situation of the printing scale of China's printing industry

in China, the development of the printing industry is very uneven, and there is a large gap between the coast and the mainland. The country has basically formed several large printing bases: Shenzhen, Wenzhou, Shanghai, Beijing and Central cities and industrial developed towns in all provinces. According to relevant statistics, at present, there are more than 180000 printing enterprises of all kinds in China, with nearly 3million employees, Engaged in book "This football is made of impranil series polyurethane raw materials. There are 13418 newspapers and periodicals printing, accounting for 7.4%, about 34980 packaging and decoration printing, accounting for 19.4%; the rest are engaged in other printing, 132000. However, China's printing industry is small and complete, large and weak, featureless, and not competitive.

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