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The current situation of overseas market of corrugated extension products

when China is beginning to be loyal to corrugated board extension products, it has been many years since foreign countries began this industry. Their advanced technical knowledge and rich experience, as well as how they view this market, should be used for reference by our domestic carton factories

here, just take the development of corrugated POP display shelves abroad as an example to make a brief analysis

corrugated POP display shelf is an advertising carrier with a short history. Although it is not a long time, its position in today's marketing media is 2 The preparation technology of new materials for art is quite important. Pop is a promotional tool for the rationalization of business, saving personnel costs and visualizing commodity display

even if there is the best product and the best advertising strategy, when consumers actually contact with the product, without proper product display planning, the product still cannot be sold to consumers. Therefore, in order to stimulate consumers' desire to buy, consumers must really use POP display shelves to inform consumers when collecting commodity information at the selling point. The commodities at the selling point shall be properly displayed to achieve the visualization of commodity display, so that customers can have a desire to buy in a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere. Therefore, the importance of pop in marketing, and even the success or failure of the whole advertising campaign, POP advertising has the key function of "one foot at the door", so the planning and design of POP advertising media is even more important

the history and current situation of pop development in foreign countries

pop first appeared in the United States. Although Japan had a publicity method similar to pop before the United States, it was not as complete as the development of pop in the United States, nor did it have the business philosophy and corporate image as pop in the United States. Therefore, pop in Japan officially started with the beginning of economic growth. Pop (display rack) has a long history of development abroad. The international pop Association Alliance has a history of more than 30 years, and has branches and branches in many regions of the world, but in Asia, it only has branches in India at present. Corrugated board is low-cost, easy to print, easy to fold and unfold, and the characteristics of environmental protection make it naturally a good material for making pop. There are many small-scale manufacturers specializing in pop in foreign countries. Large scale production in foreign countries is closely related to its market demand

pop advertising is included in the category of consumer purchase behavior psychology, and its origin comes from the AIDMA rule in consumer purchase behavior mode. However, due to the changes of social environment and the continuous changes of life consumption patterns, the aidca law was produced by making corresponding modifications on the basis of AIDMA. Its birth seems to be more applicable to today's marketing market than AIDMA law

aidca rule

aidca purchase action method why do we use different pull forces? It refers to the psychological process of making purchase decisions when consumers experience five psychological changes when purchasing goods. Aidca rule is as follows:

note: in the original AIDMA, m (memory) means memory (in mind), but in recent years, due to the development of information, the expansion of store business scope, the popularity of installment payment and credit card financial mechanism, m in AIDMA rule is almost unnecessary, and it is replaced by C in aidca to produce the above aidca rule

characteristics of corrugated pop

green design: according to statistics, 90% of the packaged consumer goods are stored and transported in corrugated boxes. In the early countries with rich forest resources, the paper used for corrugated boxes was kraft board made of kraft pulp and corrugated core paper made of semi chemical pulp. Therefore, the raw materials of corrugated base paper were directly derived from plant fibers. After the improvement of environmental protection awareness, countries have also successively requested to increase the proportion of recycled waste paper as papermaking raw materials; In the manufacturing of corrugated base paper, the used waste corrugated boxes are the most suitable raw materials for the manufacturing of corrugated base paper. It is to promote the utilization of resources. Guangzhou golden hair: multi field layout is the best performance of seeking technology and market commanding heights and preserving forest resources. It is also the right direction for the current international common trend towards green design. Therefore, the design of the display frame uses corrugated cardboard as the material, which is in line with the trend of green design and the needs of environmental protection

easy to carry: corrugated Pop has the advantages of small volume and light weight due to the characteristics of material and structural design, which is conducive to the transportation of display shelves and consignment and distribution; The corrugated display rack can be disassembled into unit components, and then the lock of the unit components can be unlocked and flattened into a single corrugated board. After informing the customer of every detail, by appropriate absorption and stacking, its storage volume will be less than one tenth of the previous volume, which is convenient for transportation and carrying

fast assembly: due to the characteristics of material and structural design, most people can complete the assembly step by step without any tools according to the instructions in the figure. For enterprises, it is actually an efficient work execution mode, which not only reduces the display cost, but also saves personnel's salary expenditure

corrugated pop classification:

stand display: it can also be called floor display or island display. This kind of pop occupies a large area of the store, which can improve the effect of commodity sales, and can also form a complete area by itself. It has a good effect on improving the visibility and image of commodities

hanger display: this kind of pop mostly takes the mall ceiling as the attachment, which can use the increase or decrease of the number to form a larger display area through layout and arrangement, so as to improve the attention. It can also create a lively buying atmosphere for the brand in the mall

counter display: this kind of pop is mostly placed on the display counter or the cashier counter, which is located in the golden position of the store display, and the attention of consumers is good. However, this kind of pop is more suitable for small commodities, and the height of pop should not be too high, which will affect the work vision of salespersons

wall display: this kind of pop mostly takes the wall of the store or the vertical facade of the display shelf as the attachment, so the volume and area cannot be too large, so as not to affect the commodity display of the attached objects. Nowadays, shopping malls pay attention to the ground effect, and the space configuration mostly adopts the ring wall configuration. Therefore, wall mounted pop is relatively rare

new trend of display shelves

integrate the protective function of outer packaging with the function of display and promotion, that is, save the human and material resources consumed in transferring goods from cartons to supermarket shelves or display shelves, but cartons are designed as display shelves that can be directly on shelves. This design is especially suitable for fast-moving consumer goods. As an advertising media, participate in promotional activities in supermarkets or outdoors

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