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New process of biomimetic catalytic oxidation to cyclohexanone

the technology of "biomimetic catalytic oxidation of cyclohexane to cyclohexanone" independently developed and initiated by the school of chemistry and chemical engineering of Hunan University has passed industrial tests and is about to be put into production, which marks that the world problem of applying biomimetic technology to the oxidation of carbohydrates has been overcome

biomimetic catalysis is an enzyme catalytic reaction that simulates the process of life, transfers the chemical changes in the body of life to the laboratory or industrial production through a certain process, and forms a new discipline field that can be industrialized. Because of its mild conditions, friendly environment, high catalytic efficiency, adjustable response, strong product selectivity and many other characteristics, it is called a revolution to the traditional industry by experts. This research originated in the early 1980s abroad, but the selectivity and oxidation of hydrocarbons is still an unsolved problem in the world. This time, the school of chemical engineering of Hunan University successfully used biomimetic catalytic oxidation to prepare the ring system, which can actively launch the experiment of hexanone and realize industrialization, which is the first in the world

the project, presided over by Professor Guo cancheng, doctoral tutor of Hunan University, has achieved good results in industrial tests through joint research with Sinopec Baling Petrochemical Branch. The biomimetic catalytic oxidation experiment of alkanes carried out on an 800 ton/year scale device shows that the cyclohexane conversion rate reaches 10% and the alcohol ketone selectivity reaches 90%, which is higher than the traditional industrial level of cyclohexane conversion rate of 4% and alcohol ketone selectivity of 80%; As a manufacturer specializing in the production of hydraulic universal testing machines, Shandong Sida high tech has also achieved remarkable results in reducing production costs, improving production conditions and reducing the emission of "three wastes"

according to the introduction, China's current production of cyclohexanone has continued to use the traditional technology developed by DuPont company in the 1940s to prepare nylon 66 by nitric acid oxidation process, while the bionic technology is to directly oxidize cyclohexanone with oxygen in the air to prepare polymerized monomer for nylon 6 production. The biggest advantage of this technology is that it is environmentally friendly, with low investment and production cost. It can be calculated by reducing more than 500 yuan per ton of product, If it is popularized and applied in Sinopec's current 280000 ton cyclohexanone production capacity unit, the annual economic benefit will exceed 140million yuan. Sinopec has said that it will apply this technology to the 50000 T/a cyclohexanone unit to realize industrial production as soon as possible

biomimetic catalytic technology can not only replace the traditional process for the production of cyclohexanone, but also be widely used in the synthesis of adipic acid, terephthalic acid, benzaldehyde and other bulk chemical products

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