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The current situation of China's plastic flexible packaging industry and gravure ink market

in the domestic plastic flexible packaging industry, large-scale enterprises accounted for only about 10%, while small and medium-sized enterprises accounted for more than 90%

large plastic packaging enterprises have advanced printing machines with good sealing and high printing speed (high-speed printing machines); The product is of high grade, large batch, specific variety, high quality and large amount of ink. Generally, the ink produced by two to three ink manufacturers is used at most. However, the printing machines of many small and medium-sized plastic packaging enterprises have been updated in recent years; However, medium and low-speed printing presses still account for the majority. Its equipment and conditions are poor, but the variety of production is wide, and the batch is small and the quantity is small. Therefore, there is no fixed ink manufacturer using ink, which is generally sold in a large market with low-cost ink. Consumption of plastic gravure ink:

large plastic packaging enterprises are large users of ink, but they are small markets in the domestic ink market; Medium sized plastic packaging enterprises are medium-sized users of ink, and are also the ideal market for ink manufacturers; Many small plastic bag enterprises are small users of ink

varieties of inks used in the market:

plastic gravure inks are mainly used in food packaging, salt packaging, cosmetics and daily necessities packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, paper products packaging and clothing packaging in plastic flexible packaging. Food packaging is mainly based on compound printing ink, and some candy paper uses surface printing ink; Cooking packaging uses high-temperature cooking ink, while general vacuum packaging uses polyester ink; Dairy products should be packaged with water-resistant, acid resistant and temperature resistant inks. Polyester ink is mainly used in drug packaging and cosmetics packaging. Some manufacturers of salt packaging use surface printing ink, some manufacturers use compound inner printing ink, but more manufacturers use polyester ink. Many surface printing inks are used in daily necessities packaging, paper products packaging and clothing packaging, but the surface printing white ink should be special, smooth, scratch resistant and anti adhesion ink. With the improvement of the packaging market, more and more composite printing inks and special special inks are used

price of plastic gravure ink in the market:

at present, the price of plastic ink is divided into three levels: high, medium and low. The ink market prices of Shanghai DIC ink company, Jiangmen Toyo ink company, Shenzhen shenri ink company, etc. are higher. The ink prices of Shanxi Xiongying ink company and Zhejiang New Oriental ink company are in the middle. The ink price of Zhejiang yongzai chemical company is low, but there are too many small ink manufacturers producing low-priced ink in China

general plastic gravure printing ink market price: the average price of cooking ink is about 50-60 yuan; The average price of polyester ink is about 25-30 yuan; The average price of surface printing ink is about 15-20 yuan; The average price of compound printing ink is about 18-25 yuan; The average price of ink used in dairy products is about 25-30 yuan. The prices listed above are generally acceptable to all packaging factories, and also the ideal price under the guarantee of quality

current situation of domestic plastic gravure printing ink Market:

the price of domestic petrochemical products has continued to rise over the years, and many varieties are still in shortage. By July, 2004, the price of petrochemical products on the market had risen to the highest price in the past decade, but the price of plastic gravure printing ink was difficult to adjust

similarly, the price of raw materials required by plastic flexible packaging processing enterprises has also increased (especially the price of polyethylene plastic particles and printing diluents, which are the most used, has more than doubled). However, the price of finished plastic packaging products has increased little. For example, large quantities of products: instant noodles packaging, milk packaging membrane, the original profit is very small; This has caused losses, and the more production, the greater the loss

large plastic flexible packaging processing enterprises: although they have sophisticated equipment, strong technical force and strong capital, they need to seek orders for large quantities of products, and the cost of small batches of products is too high. However, the current large orders are in short supply, and the profits are meager; Therefore, the high amount of loans and a large number of loans cannot be repaid on schedule, and the credibility is reduced, making it difficult to operate

medium sized plastic flexible packaging processing enterprises: lack of funds, and loans are often not in place. The technical transformation of equipment is urgent, but there is a lack of funds; The quality of personnel needs to be improved, and there is no suitable place for training, so they are in trouble (especially new enterprises)

with the progress and development of science and technology, small plastic flexible packaging processing enterprises: poor equipment, low quality of personnel, weak technical force, rough products, can only barely make a living

at present, the domestic plastic flexible packaging market is weak, and the market competition of plastic gravure printing ink continues to intensify, which is still in a state of saturation and oversupply. The sales volume of high-priced inks has decreased, the medium priced inks are more than the service, and the low-priced inks are everywhere. Alcohol ester ink has gradually become a trend to replace benzene soluble ink. Although water-soluble ink is environmentally friendly, it is not yet mature. Packaging enterprises want an ideal ink with a single solvent, a wide range of applications, surface printing, compounding, commonly known as high-strength bolt cooking, and a moderate price, which has not appeared in the market

domestic sales strategy:

large users have large ink consumption, large price discounts, large amount of money pressed, and long payment collection period. Ink manufacturers need strong capital, strong strength, large investment in the early stage, and high risk in the later stage to enter

the user-friendly sales management is an ideal target for sales, but the ink factory needs the support of sales policy and long-term patient human investment

at present, many small users are the big market for ink sales in China, which requires a lot of human investment and depends on after-sales multi-directional service

in terms of marketing strategy, we should control large ink users, develop medium-sized ink users, and develop small ink users. Give priority to producing varieties with high profits, plan to produce varieties with small profits, and reduce or not produce varieties with losses. Generally, the elongation at break of PE is 90% - 950% (among which the elongation of linear low-density polyethylene LLDPE is higher). Users and dealers who pay in cash should ensure and meet the supply. Users who pay in the reconciliation period should plan supply. Users with poor business conditions, poor reputation and large arrears should be cautious and put an end to supply. In order to concentrate the limited funds of the enterprise, reduce the risk to the minimum, and obtain the maximum economic benefits

to sum up:

the rapid expansion of domestic plastic packaging production enterprises, the weakness of the plastic flexible packaging market, and the continuous rise in the price of petrochemical products. This has intensified the competition in the ink market, made sales difficult, reduced the profit margin of sales, and made some varieties profitable or unprofitable. A large number of sales will cause losses to the enterprise, and the manufacturing enterprises are struggling, especially the manufacturers of medium price ink

How can manufacturers of plastic gravure printing ink get rid of the current dilemma? First of all, we should understand the current situation and needs of the market, and then according to the characteristics and advantages of the enterprise, strengthen enterprise management and formulate a series of practical marketing strategies. Secondly, we should avoid our own shortcomings, train and improve the personal quality of all marketing personnel, cultivate the belief of team spirit, and strengthen market service. Then the production personnel should closely cooperate, take the product quality first as the foundation, increase production and save as the purpose, develop steadily and survive

therefore, the competition in the ink sales market will be more intense in the future. Each ink manufacturer should be prepared to invest more money and manpower, reform and improve the sales policy, and strengthen and expand the after-sales service team. To survive in the fierce competition in the market and deal with the rapid changes in the market, price competition alone is not enough. We must manage scientifically, plan production, ensure supply, ship reasonably and sell effectively. To seek the sales market, pre-sales publicity is very important; But more importantly, after-sales service is the extension of sales. Only by giving users a sense of security and trust can we consolidate and occupy the market

the general policy of marketing strategy: the strategy of external sales is to vigorously publicize, steadily and gradually, focus on promotion, and wait patiently. The strategy of internal management is to strengthen management, learn to improve, train troops for quality, increase production and save money

in short, scientific management, standardized management, tapping potential and reducing expenditure, and diligence are the shortcuts for enterprises to get rid of difficulties and survive and develop

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