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The current situation of pharmaceutical packaging in Western Europe

1. Large scale effect, three-dimensional development

looking at foreign pharmaceutical packaging material production enterprises, it is almost a general rule that large-scale production. For example, schoot company in Germany produced about 2billion euros (equivalent to about 15billion yuan) of glass products last year. It has 91 branches and thousands of varieties all over the world. It maintains the world's advanced level in the production technology, equipment and product quality of glass tubes and ampoules in all supermarkets, shopping malls, market fairs and other commodity retail places. Industry influence, cross continental monopoly is obvious. The business contact is not a single point extension, but a linear expansion, with radiation managers. In front of such rivals, China's pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturers should vigorously expand production capacity, develop new pharmaceutical packaging materials and containers, and strengthen international competitiveness according to market demand

2, "subconsciousness of the concept of" full control "

in Western European countries, the government has not made mandatory provisions on the purification requirements of drug packaging material manufacturers. However, in view of the extensive contact between drug packaging materials and drugs, enterprises have turned the total quality control of drug product production into conscious action. Both the understanding of the quality assurance system and the standardized implementation of SOP are in good order

3. The ability of sustainable development

among the pharmaceutical packaging material production enterprises investigated, there are family enterprises that have operated for hundreds of years, and groups controlled by the foundation. They all put the research on medicinal products that can meet the current and future needs and the gradual development of a series of key products in a prominent position. They are good at dynamically understanding the latest development trends of relevant products at home and abroad, inside and outside the industry, paying attention to the collection and evaluation of comprehensive information, and maximizing the ability to pursue sustainable development

4. Seek common ground while reserving differences. China's polyurethane industry has developed rapidly, and a pragmatic attitude has formed a consensus that the pharmaceutical packaging material manufacturers in Western Europe generally control the product quality according to the requirements of the European Pharmacopoeia. At the same time, enterprises generally have complete self inspection capabilities, and usually adopt batch inspection rather than sampling inspection to implement process management and terminal control of drug packaging products. However, the domestic drug packaging material production enterprises have insufficient investment in inspection equipment and imperfect inspection capacity, and the quality control of drug packaging material products needs to be improved

in addition, for controversial products, such as PVC infusion soft bags, Western European enterprises have taken the way of restricting the use of drugs in combination with the use of drugs, that is, in the product manual or in the product performance introduction, they clearly give the tips of what drugs can not be added to PVC infusion soft bags in clinical use. This has played an effective control over edhp in PVC infusion soft bags and other factors affecting the quality of drugs

5. Standardize the market and make good use of the situation

the rubber stopper production enterprises in Western Europe have high labor intensity, and the production equipment may not be better than domestic drug packaging material production enterprises. There are many researches on the use of rubber stoppers in building materials in China, and there are only six foreign main formulas. However, the quality of both products cannot be said in the same breath, and there are serious hidden dangers in the quality of domestic rubber plugs. This is not the problem of technical content, but the result of quality awareness, the overall quality of employees is not high, and vicious competition. How to take advantage of the situation and control the product quality, the State Drug Administration has noticed this problem when formulating the product quality standard of drug packaging materials. However, the key to solve the problem lies in that domestic production enterprises should strive to cultivate a good market environment, strengthen the improvement of product quality awareness, produce rubber plugs in the real sense, and not allow "kaolin" plugs to mix in pharmaceutical products, so as to make people-oriented and safety first

6. The refreshing International Packaging Exhibition

Germany Dusseldorf international packaging exhibition, with its large scale, the essence of exhibits, the novelty of products, and the ingenious arrangement, gives people a momentum and a high-tech threat. The pharmaceutical packaging production machinery participating in the exhibition is impeccable in terms of modeling, processing technology and the progressiveness of mechatronics control. The ampoule laser sealing, super large production tablet pressing machinery, bag making technology of non PVC infusion bags, automatic optical detection, and the production line of automatic filling, stoppering and pusher of injection needles all give people a refreshing feeling. Domestic drug packaging products should catch up with and surpass the world, and drug packaging production machinery should also catch up

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