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The production, import and export status of polytetrafluoroethylene in China

polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is the main variety of fluoroplastics, which is mainly divided into coarse-grained grade, filler grade, powder grade (flocculent dispersion), aqueous dispersion grade and paraffin grade. It has good heat and chemical resistance, low friction coefficient, excellent electrical insulation performance, and can be used continuously at high temperature. At present, the three major varieties of PTFE supplied to the market are suspension resin, dispersion resin and concentrated dispersion, accounting for 50% - 60%, 20% - 35% and 15% - 20% of the consumption respectively. Suspension PTFE is mainly used for sealing rings, gaskets, chemical pumps, valves, pipe fittings and equipment linings, electrical insulation parts, films, etc; Dispersion PTFE is mainly used for corrosion resistance or high temperature and high voltage resistance, as well as wire and cable, chemical pipeline lining, etc; PTFE concentrated dispersion is mainly used for anti sticking coating and impregnation of glass cloth, asbestos, etc. in food, textile, papermaking and other fields

first, PTFE is the main variety of fluorine resin in China.

in addition to PTFE, the main varieties of fluorine resin in China also effectively reduce the deformation of the main shaft, including polyperfluoroethylene propylene (EFP or F46), polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and polytrifluoroethylene (PCTFE). Among them, the production capacity of PTFE fluoropolymer accounts for nearly 90%, while the proportion of other fluorine resins and fluorine rubber is only about 10%, which is unbalanced. In 2003, there were mainly 7 domestic fluororesin production enterprises, with the production capacity accounting for more than 90% of the total domestic production capacity. The production of PTFE in China in 2003 is shown in Table 1. It is estimated that by 2005, the apparent consumption of PTFE in China will reach about 30000 tons, ranking first in the world after the United States, Europe and Japan

Table 1 China's PTFE production in 2003

production unit t/a production capacity output/t

Zhejiang Juhua Group

Shanghai sanaifu company

Jiangsu Meilan group

Shandong Dongyue polymer material Co., Ltd.

Fuxin Fluorine Chemical General Plant

second plant of Chenguang Chemical Research Institute

Jinan sanaifu Fluorine Chemical Co., Ltd.


II Production and consumption are relatively concentrated

the producers of fluorine chemical industry in China are concentrated in Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai and Liaoning provinces, and the output value of these regions accounts for more than 80% of the national output value. The consumption of fluorine chemical industry in China is widely distributed, but the consumption of raw fluorine chemical industry is also mainly concentrated in the above four regions. Among them, the highly representative Jiangsu high-tech fluorochemical Industrial Park has attracted a number of world-famous fluorochemical enterprises such as Daikin of Japan, atofina of France and DuPont of the United States to invest and set up factories, with a total investment of more than US $200 million. The main products produced by these enterprises include tetrafluoroethylene, hexafluoropropylene, dispersed PTFE, PTFE dispersion, fluororubber, hydrofluoric acid, etc., which have a strong pulling effect on upstream and downstream products

III. import and export situation

according to customs statistics, in 2003, a total of 21 countries and regions imported PTFE, mainly Japan (47.78%), the United States (25.09%), Netherlands innovation endless land (5.97%), South Korea (3.69%), China (3.59%), Singapore (3.29%), Taiwan, China (2.97%), Russia (2.14%), Hong Kong (1.18%), Germany (1.39%), The import volume of these 10 countries and regions accounts for 97.72% of the total import volume. In 2003, China imported 5044 tons of PTFE, with a year-on-year increase of 33.04%. The main importers in China are Daikin Chemical International Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., DuPont China Group Co., Ltd., Daikin fluoro paint (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.), Shanghai Warka fluoroplastic Products Co., Ltd., Ningbo Free Trade Zone Honghe storage Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Ruzhou aishida Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., DuPont Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., and Nanhai Guanyi stainless steel products Co., Ltd., Shanghai Xingxin kitchen utensils Co., Ltd. and Ningbo Free Trade Zone high tech container Co., Ltd. ranked first in the import volume of PTFE in 2003, accounting for 24.34%, 22.56%, 6.38%, 3.54%, 2.58%, 2.57%, 2.21%, 1.85%, 1.85% and 1.67% of the total import volume respectively. The types of import companies are mainly wholly foreign-owned enterprises (72.29%), followed by Sino foreign joint ventures (11.99%) and collective enterprises (6.25%)

in 2003, there were 46 countries and regions that mainly exported PTFE in the world. The top ten countries and regions were Italy (35.41%), South Korea (17.38%), the United States (16.14%), India (4.11%), Iran (4.03%), Canada (3.64%), Hong Kong, China (2.55%), Germany (2.28%), Brazil (2.20%) and Taiwan, China, China (2.14%), and the PTFE exports of these 10 countries and regions accounted for 89.88% of the total exports. In 2003, China exported 4916 tons of PTFE, with a year-on-year increase of 32.93%. China's major exporters include Shandong Dongyue polymer materials Co., Ltd., Shanghai Tianyuan International Trade Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Juhua Group Import and Export Co., Ltd., Qingdao Tyco polymer Co., Ltd., Jinan sanaifu fluorochemical Co., Ltd., Fuxin fluorination 2, check whether the parts and components are completely nondestructive Co., Ltd., Jinan sannuo Fulong Chemical Co., Ltd., Taizhou Meilan resin processing Co., Ltd Zhonghao Chenjiang Chemical Industry Research Institute and Qingdao Yijia chemical medical insurance import and Export Co., Ltd. ranked among the PTFE export volume in 2003, accounting for 32.43%, 18.66%, 10.59%, 9.38%, 9.38%, 4.03%, 2.37%, 2.07%, 1.98% and 1.59% of the total export volume respectively. The types of export companies are mainly state-owned enterprises (50.63%), followed by Sino foreign joint ventures (37.65%), and wholly foreign-owned enterprises (10.74%)

IV. market consumption overview

China mainly produces general-purpose PTFE suspension resins, and high-performance fluoropolymers rely on imports. About 90% of fluoropolymers consumed in China are PTFE. The composition of PTFE consumption in 2003 is shown in Table 2

Table 2 consumption composition of PTFE in China in 2003%

consumption in application fields/t consumption proportion

machinery 430530

petrochemical 4151.529

Electronics/appliances 172212

light industry (cooking utensils and daily necessities) 143510

textile 8616

Architecture 5744

other 1291.59


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