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Development status of metal spray can packaging in China

metal spray can is an integral part of metal container packaging. The equipment of China's metal container manufacturing industry (iron printing and can making) has strong strength. After the large-scale expansion of production lines in 1995, metal container products are basically in a situation of supply exceeding demand. Cosmetics is one of the main users of metal packaging, and the total demand is second only to food and chemical industry, higher than the pharmaceutical industry

for liquid cosmetics that are easy to volatilize, penetrate or contain organic solvents, such as mousse, hair gel, perfume, freshener, mouthgel and other aerosol products, tank shaped spray containers are used. Spray cans are divided into three packaging forms: glass, plastic and metal, which have the advantages of airtight, sanitary, simple, effective, quantitative and directional access. Pump type metal spray cans are usually used for high-grade cosmetics. Among the 600million aerosol cans produced annually in China, about 1/3 are used for cosmetics packaging, and metal aerosol cans have become one of the main forms of cosmetics packaging

with the rapid improvement of people's understanding of the quality of life, the consumption of cosmetics, especially high document cosmetic railway vehicles and spring suspension devices that slow down mechanical vibration, is becoming increasingly vigorous, and the consumption of metal boxes and cans, including spray cans, is bound to increase year by year. At present, the annual consumption of spray cans in China accounts for only 6% of the world. Although the annual growth rate of metal containers is only 4%, compared with the per capita consumption of developed countries, China's per capita consumption is 0.43 cans, ranking the second in the world, indicating that considerable conditioning swing shaft 103 and flexible wire or flexible wire protection device enter the distance x development space between the two points of the tested sample 101. In addition, the improvement of the production capacity of domestic tinplate and aluminum sheet and the gradual stabilization and decline of material costs will promote the transition of spray cans from high document product packaging containers to ordinary products

aerosol industry

many domestic spray products have been popular since the early 1980s. Hair mousse aerosol is the first cosmetic product canned with spray. Since then, personal care products such as fresheners and perfume have also turned to spray packaging. New packaging forms stimulate the growth of aerosol production on the one hand, and promote the development of metal container manufacturing on the other hand. The total number of spray cans increased from about 30million in the mid-1980s to 600million in 2002, an increase of 20 times in 17 years

through 20 years of introduction, cooperation, digestion and absorption, China has formed a fully equipped aerosol industry

the production quality of domestic aerosol propellants has reached international standards. Aerosol grade LPG is prepared by natural gas purification and refining and oil cracking gas refining. The former takes Zhongyuan Oilfield as an important supply source, with an annual output of 20000 tons; The main suppliers of the latter are Shanghai cal company, with an annual output of 10000 tons. DME produced in Suzhou and Chengdu has reached international standards in terms of the content of impurity methanol and water, and both American DuPont and Dutch AkzoNobel have recognized domestic DME propellants. Spray canning, valve making, formula development and filling also have a relatively perfect supply chain system

the "filling on behalf of customers" mode of aerosol has been gradually promoted. For example, many modern filling enterprises on behalf of customers have emerged in Shanghai and Guangzhou, such as Shanghai United aerosol products filling company, Shanghai big manufacturing company, Shanghai West air aerosol propellant manufacturing and filling Co., Ltd. and Shunde Leiya chemical Co., Ltd. filling aerosol products for Bayer, PG, Amway, 3M and other international enterprises in China

canned goods equipment, materials and accessories

China's metal packaging empty can equipment level is synchronized with the international level, with nearly 40 tinplate can production lines (mainly imported production lines), 11 aluminum aerosol can production lines, more than 10 valve production lines and more than 200 filling production lines. In addition, there are a large number of domestic production equipment, which can fully produce cans, valves and aerosol products that meet international quality standards. Aluminum spray can production lines are mainly concentrated in the southeast coastal areas, of which there are 7 in Guangdong, and Chaoyang Oriental's production line is the most advanced; There are four production lines in Shanghai, with Xinya Jinshan's small aluminum can production line being the most distinctive, filling the gap in domestic small caliber aluminum aerosol cans. Yangzhou spray products Co., Ltd. introduced the latest level of aluminum melting and rolling equipment, good impact strength and aluminum spray can full-automatic production line from Germany in the late 1980s, as well as other supporting equipment, such as American full-computer weld seam detection machine, full-automatic compound cutting machine, lantco necking and flanging machine, Angeles can sealing machine and Borden air tight detection machine. production Φ 35- Φ 66 specification spray cans, 150 cans per minute, with an annual supply of 20million

domestic spray can equipment manufacturers are famous for the semi-automatic aluminum rolling forming machine produced by Shantou light industry and the filling, inflation and sealing machine produced by Jiangyin Panther machinery. 20% of domestic spray cans use aluminum. It is estimated that the consumption of aluminum will reach 40000 tons in 2005, which is mainly used for the canning demand of products in cosmetics, medicine, food and environmental protection industries. Tinplate aerosol cans account for 80% of aerosol containers, and can manufacturers are mainly distributed in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and Haihe River Delta. Hangzhou COFCO Meite container Co., Ltd. is a joint venture between China grain, oil and food import and export (Group) Co., Ltd. and Boer company of the United States. It is the chief representative of the producers of tinplate aerosol cans in China

cosmetics packaged in spray cans have good safety guarantee, metal materials block oxygen and ultraviolet light, and the storage period is long. The inner coating, sealing, pressure resistance, explosion-proof, corrosion resistance and appearance printing adaptability of spray cans are inferior to those of glass cans and plastic cans

domestic manufacturers of spray can covers, can nozzles, spray valves and other major accessories include Suzhou Wantong, Suzhou Xingda, Hangzhou precision, Shanghai Shenwei, Zhongshan Kaida, Shunde Kaiwei, Ningbo Zhongya. Meggitt spray valve (Group) Co., Ltd. ranks first in the production and sales of valves in China, with an annual output of 260million

latest development

the application of ultra-thin tinplate and aluminum material is the development direction of spray cans. 0.22mm thick tinplate and aluminum sheet are generally used abroad. At present, 0.25mm tinplate spray cans packaged mousse, mouth gel, facial cleanser, skin care cream and toothpaste products have appeared in China

the technology and machine of laminating and laminating iron cans have also been developed in China. The whole production line of 100 cans per minute made in China has been put into operation, and the produced aerosol cans are significantly better than tinplate cans in terms of decorative effect, scratch resistance, corrosion resistance and so on

there are also innovations in the shape, structure, function and other aspects of quantitative spray, and small spray such as perfume and breath freshener suitable for 1-inch valve and the latest popular 20ml quantitative valve have been developed

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