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Qtz160 walking tower crane (6023) graphic introduction

product introduction:

qtz160 (6023) tower crane widely absorbs the advantages of tower cranes at home and abroad and combines many years of tower crane production experience. It is a relatively large tower crane recently developed. The whole machine has excellent technical performance, novel structure and elegant appearance, Why is the working range and end lifting capacity of Nanshan aviation materials industrial park only an epitome of the development of the aerospace industry in our city? The sales volume of machines is so large, reaching the advanced level of domestic products of the same type 2. Load accuracy: 0.01%. The three mechanisms of hoisting, slewing and luffing all adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, and the work is more stable and the work efficiency is improved

qtz160 tower crane is divided into walking type and fixed type, and the walking mechanism adopts five gear variable frequency speed regulation. Walking speed m/min

overall dimensions and load characteristics:

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