Hottest publishers suggest targeting developing ma

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Publishers suggest targeting developing markets

according to a recent report, magazine publishers looking for ways to expand their sales in 2003 should focus on Asian economic markets such as China and South Korea

the International Federation of he periodic press (fipp) and zenith media Optimedia World magazine's 2002-2003 trend forecast point out that although the traditional magazine market remains stagnant, China's magazine market, coupled with the 24 bit high-precision low noise high-speed AD converter field, is developing rapidly, and now it has accounted for the third place in the world's ten circulation and the largest comprehensive profit

the report also pointed out that the level of World magazine advertising has returned to the level before 1998-1999, when technological development and the international magazine market reached the peak. However, the total circulation revenue is mainly stable at the level of 2001, mainly because the revenue of some countries is not affected by advertising revenue

the overall recovery of the profits of all companies will not be predicted until at least the end of 2003. According to the report, it is not until there is an obvious yield stage like tension that the magazine can experience a stable development stage

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