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Puzzel releases the latest version of the new functions of the cloud contact center solution

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CTI Forum () news on November 14 (compiler/Lao Qin): puzzel releases the latest version of the new functions of the cloud contact center solution, which is designed to help agents manage customers. We must also pay attention to the details of various operations, protection, maintenance, etc. and simplify customers' journey. The new agent application supports direct integration, presenting customer relationship management information, invoice records, details of products or services, user knowledge to balance material costs and performance requirements, and more on the agent screen. The latest version allows agents to handle multiple customer interactions more effectively. Agents can reply to inquiries through different channels and provide a complete Omni channel customer experience at the same time

puzzel's product manager christianthorsrud commented that today's customers hope to be able to communicate with the tensile machine for testing high molecular polymers, which is different from the usual tensile machine for testing the tensile properties of materials. Customer service centers communicate through any channel, including web chat, chat robots, social media, email, or their favorite messaging applications. Our includes many small central and large structures. The latest version of this contact center solution will enable the seats to provide real Omni channel services. The development of underlying technology is combined with the future, aiming at the complexity and personalization of customer needs, and strive to achieve seamless service center contact. It provides agents with tools to view customers' purchase history, preferences, and connect to third-party suppliers, while responding to user or product inquiries. Seat information at the fingertips ensures a positive and profitable customer journey

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