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At the end of the year, it's time to take stock of the annual polyurethane market in 2009. How about the development of polyurethane raw materials BDO, AA, TDI, MDI, TPU, PPG, PTMEG and DMF in 2009, what kind of structural adjustment will be carried out in the polyurethane industry in 2010, where will the demand of downstream industries increase, and where will the polyurethane 2010 market go. Taking stock of 2009 and looking forward to 2010 has become the most involved topic in the polyurethane industry at the end of the year

looking back on the whole year, the continuity of the economic crisis gradually ebbed in 2009. In 2009, the total production capacity of polyurethane raw materials continued to grow, and some polyurethane products were intensively expanded. On the whole, the market demand for polyurethane related raw materials and product prices were gradually increased, and anti-dumping rulings for some polyurethane products were issued one after another. In 2009, with the support of national policies, the downstream industries of polyurethane, such as automobile, household appliances, furniture and energy-saving buildings, achieved unprecedented development and remarkable achievements, bringing market demand to the polyurethane industry

the senior analyst of PWC consulting said that the impact of the financial crisis in 2008 made the development of the polyurethane industry more special in 2009, and this particularity will continue to the polyurethane market in 2010. In 2010, the industrial structure of polyurethane raw materials will be adjusted. At the same time, all enterprises in the polyurethane industry will also take root to produce the required products. According to their own conditions, the supply system will be adjusted according to market capacity and market demand. On the whole, the market demand for polyurethane related raw materials and product prices have gradually increased. At the same time, some polyurethane raw materials such as AA, more information: Shandong Sida high tech mechanical equipment Co., Ltd. main products: friction and wear testing machine electronic/hydraulic universal testing machine/tensile testing machine/fatigue testing machine/change testing machine TPU market is amazing, which makes polyurethane enterprises, traders Downstream enterprises need to pay more attention, he said: "Our growth level in China is 30%, which is the development trend and pattern change of this industry. For this reason, PwC consulting timely launched the polyurethane annual report with 09 characteristics. The products of the polyurethane annual report of PWC consulting and analysis organization involve BDO, AA, TDI, pure MDI, polymerized MDI, TPU, PPG, PTMEG, Po, DMF, etc. the polyurethane research report carries out positioning analysis on each product of polyurethane raw materials, and evaluates the future market price through professional and accurate analysis tools Objective and accurate analysis and prediction of market supply and demand, competitive enterprises, import and export data, investment environment, downstream demand growth points, etc., to help industry insiders grasp the new trends and cutting-edge development direction of the industry

the 2009 Annual Research Report of PWC consulting pointed out that the total capacity of major polyurethane raw materials in Chinese Mainland exceeded 4million tons, with an annual growth rate of about 20%. The total capacity of polyurethane products has accounted for 20% of the total global polyurethane capacity. In 2010, the China ASEAN free trade area was officially launched. Pu downstream manufacturing textile, shoes, leather, toys, household appliances, automobiles and other products can enter the ASEAN market with zero tariff. The expanding domestic and foreign demand market supported by the policy will bring more new markets and opportunities to the polyurethane industry in 2010

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