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On December 18, the dust of the non legally binding Copenhagen agreement was settled, and all parties could not hide their disappointment. In the face of steel like national interests, penny pinching power division and endless quarrels, the future of mankind is so small that after 12 days of long talks, the results are negligible. Perhaps Copenhagen has been telling a fairy tale since the beginning. As a sustainable construction principle of greenhouse gas, such as lightweight construction and modern materials such as fiber-reinforced composites may be emitting large amounts of permeates in future shipyards. The emission reduction task of chemical industry, including coating industry, can be described as a long way to go. The next stage of greenhouse gas emission reduction targets are facing re formulation, which is also testing the country, a corporate sense of society and more moral responsibility. For paint enterprises, society includes environmental protection, social morality and public interests, which are composed of economy, sustainable development, law and morality. In 2009, after the baptism of the financial crisis, coating enterprises are also bearing more social sense on the road to low-carbon development of energy conservation and emission reduction

climate issues and energy conservation and emission reduction

a reasonable and constructive climate plan can not only protect the environment, but also promote enterprises to develop new technologies, so as to create more employment opportunities and promote energy security and sustainable development. Many paint giants have included climate issues as an integral part of their sustainable development strategies. Werner Weining, chairman of Bayer Group, recently announced that under the new situation, the company has the obligation to protect the climate and deal with the consequences of global warming except in March, and will invest 1billion euros in research and development and projects related to climate change. Facing the increasingly serious problem of climate protection, BASF is the first chemical company in the world to set up a "climate protection officer". At the same time, BASF has set more ambitious environmental goals and comprehensively counted the carbon balance. It is reported that the global climate protection officer will be responsible for coordinating all relevant affairs and topics of BASF worldwide, including greenhouse gas emissions generated in the process of product production and waste, as well as the long-term positioning of enterprises in the field of climate protection

love warms education.

in 2009, two socially and caring enterprises, paint giant Nippon and DuPont, jointly initiated the "coloring for love" plan. The lower exchange rate is another reason for the increase in import and export trade due to the high accuracy of imported sensors for non-ferrous metals. Coloring for love is a plan to help poor children who are out of school return to school and paint colorful outer walls for hope primary school. In 2009, Nippon and DuPont successively completed the "coloring" plan of many hope primary schools in Taigu County, Taiyuan City, such as Nippon Taigu hope primary school, Fubei hope primary school, Hebei Pingshan Nippon Chunlei primary school, taosihao hope primary school, Hebei Nippon tiegan hope primary school, Sichuan Shanghong hope primary school, Yunnan puernakori hope primary school, etc. According to Huicong paint, Nippon and DuPont plan to paint the outer walls of 100 hope primary schools for free in the next three years to bring love to children in need. The "coloring for love" plan adheres to the application of environmental friendly and healthy coatings for schools, which also intuitively shows the love and care embodied by coating enterprises in undertaking the society. When the 30 rainbow signs bloom one by one on the map of China, the teachers and students of the 30 hope primary schools have a beautiful new campus. Nippon and DuPont send their colorful dreams to the children who desire love

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