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Inventory of the top five wine anti-counterfeiting printing technologies

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core tip: Bohr's export share to emerging countries will also be greatly increased. Chateau Angelus uses a new wine label. The golden bell on the wine label and the bronzed words "Chateau Angelus" are made of 21.7k gold. However, from a technical point of view, it is not easy to heat gold to 500 ℃ ~600 ℃ and then plating it on glass bottles

[China Packaging News] Chateau Angelus on the right bank of Bordeaux uses a new wine label. The gold bell and the bronzed words "Chateau Angelus" on the wine label are made of 21.7k gold. However, from a technical point of view, it is not easy to heat gold to 500 ℃ ~600 ℃ and then plating it on glass bottles

the gilded wine label used by Admiralty winery

in the matter of anti-counterfeiting, Admiralty winery is extremely willing to pay the cost. But most wineries are not like Admiralty. In terms of anti-counterfeiting, most wineries tend to choose more economical methods as far as possible, but this has little effect

in the past 50 years, anti-counterfeiting security companies have adopted a considerable number of high-tech means to study anti-counterfeiting technology. Each generation of gucci handbags has the most advanced anti-counterfeiting technology, but fake Gucci is also repeatedly banned. Of course, wine anti-counterfeiting technology has also been updated with each passing day. In addition to the traditional observation of the details of wax seals and wine labels, Chateau d'yquem took the lead in putting anti-counterfeiting watermark labels on its wine bottles in 1984. In the 1990s, when rust, molding sand, oil and other dirt were not carefully removed before priming and painting, Penfolds winery in Australia put a laser identification label on the wine label

the following is a list of five anti-counterfeiting technologies for the world's most high-end wines:

making wine labels with special paper

Harlan winery's wine labels are anti-counterfeited according to the specification of paper money

up to now, it is not difficult to simply copy the design of wine labels. Since the first year of brewing in 1990, Harlan winery in the United States has used special paper as wine label paper. Adopt relief printing technology. At the same time, ultraviolet anti-counterfeiting technology is used in its signature part. This anti-counterfeiting specification is second only to paper currency

in 2004, Harlem winery set a unique serial number for each bottle of wine and installed an RFID chip. The authenticity of wine can be immediately identified by inputting it in the official input of Harlem winery

tracer ink printing wine label

colgin and his anti-counterfeiting label

in 2007, colgin cells was the first winery to use isotope ink to print wine labels. Due to the transparent isotope used in this ink, the "O" in the wine label "colgin" can be seen only through Kodak's scanning tracer. Moreover, the color of "O" in every wine of kogin winery is different. IX estate vineyard is purple, IX estate Syrah is cyan gray, and tychson Hill's is red. Isotope tracker is more convenient to identify whether this wine label is true

at the same time, the cork part of the wine bottle has also been specially treated. Once the wine is opened, it will leave a scar. To identify whether this wine has ever been bottled

seals that are difficult to replace

the generation of these bubbles is completely random and cannot be copied

if you want to fake a wine, the easiest way is to use real bottles of fake wine. In this way, even the most advanced wine label can't identify the authenticity. At this time, a high-quality seal is particularly important for the anti-counterfeiting effect

prooftag's bubble tag cork was born to deal with this situation. This wine stopper has an anti-counterfeiting module made of transparent polymer materials. This kind of polymer material will avoid removing bubbles in the production process. Because such bubbles are randomly generated, they cannot be copied like human fingerprints. Each bubble module corresponds to a two-dimensional code composed of 13 letters and a bar code. At the same time, there is a glass joint in the cork, which will be damaged when you open the bottle of wine. Therefore, it is impossible to replace the cork

Bordeaux pommar is the most ideal high temperature resistant material today (Chateau Palmer) has been using this special wine stopper since 2009. Many wineries in Bordeaux, even five famous wineries such as Margaux and Lafite, are also planning to use this special wine stopper for their high priced wines

holographic encryption microfilm

holographic microfilm encryption label and decoder

microfilm information has been increasingly added to wine anti-counterfeiting information. British De La Rue company designed a miniature handwritten label for wine. The famous Chateau d'issan adopted this kind of miniature information card on its wine label, and it can see all the contents on the information card with a special magnifying instrument. Including the information of wine producers and resale records, it is really detailed

nfc security tag

nfc tag (short-range wireless communication tag) is an anti-counterfeiting chip buried under the wine label, which can communicate with NCF in a short distance. Now, small wineries such as Chateau Le Pin use this anti-counterfeiting chip. Each chip contains a random message. Buyers can immediately know the authenticity of this wine as long as they scan it

ncf can be said to be an upgraded version of early RFID (contact free radio frequency identification). Due to its replication difficulties, the famous opus one is also using this technology

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