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The application of power monitoring system in intelligent buildings and electrical energy conservation

with the rapid development of computer and information technology and its widespread application in various industries, intelligent buildings came into being, especially the continuously improving requirements of intelligent management and energy conservation in commercial and public buildings, making the use of intelligent buildings more extensive, The environmental conditions provided by environmental experimental equipment must be repeatable, which has become the mainstream of the development of the construction industry in the 21st century. Intelligent building is a new type of building that uses computer technology to automatically control and manage the equipment in the building, and a total investment of 14.1 billion yuan to provide users with information and communication services. It can be said that intelligent building is an inevitable product of the information age and a concrete embodiment of a country's comprehensive national strength and scientific and technological level. At present, all countries in the world are strengthening the development of intelligent buildings, and China has also put the construction of intelligent buildings into an important agenda. Due to the development of network technology, video technology, communication technology, intelligent power distribution and other new technologies, the future intelligent building is developing in the direction of intensification, systematization and standardization. Intelligence, green, environmental protection and energy conservation have become the mainstream direction of intelligent building development

intelligent buildings usually have the following conditions: an advanced building automation system to create a warm and natural living environment; A set of structured cabling system integrates the data communication, voice communication and multimedia communication of the whole building or the whole community; A modern communication system; To meet the high-efficiency work needs of the modern information society; A power monitoring system, an intelligent power monitoring system platform for unified monitoring and management of high and low voltage distribution equipment in buildings

it can be seen that power monitoring system is an important part of intelligent building. The reliability, safety and continuity of the distribution system, as well as improving the efficiency of electric energy use and saving the cost of electricity are closely related to the production and life of users. The intelligent power monitoring system provides a strong guarantee for this. Taking the PowerLogic power monitoring system of Schneider company as an example, this paper summarizes the functions and functions of the power monitoring system, and focuses on its application in intelligent buildings and electrical energy conservation with application examples

overview of power monitoring system

the PowerLogic power monitoring system of Schneider Electric Company is based on the advanced fieldbus mode (FCS) to realize the exchange and management of power system information. With the help of modern network technology and computer technology, PowerLogic power monitoring system can monitor the operating parameters of the power system in real time (including switch transmission status, fault status and position, real-time changing electrical parameters such as voltage, current and kwh, alarm signals, etc.), event records, waveform records and other data, which are continuously transmitted to the power monitoring computer (hereinafter referred to as the monitoring center), and can implement remote control commands, Through the monitoring center, the operation management personnel can fully understand the operating conditions of the power system, accurately and quickly judge the fault location and cause, and simply realize various data analysis (including load analysis, power consumption analysis, power quality). For some faults that are difficult to judge, waveform recording can help managers analyze the cause of the fault

the main functions of the power monitoring system include: real-time monitoring of system operation, power quality monitoring, remote control and operation recording, event alarm and recording, data acquisition and historical data management, printing of various reports, and power management

application of power monitoring system in intelligent buildings

through monitoring, it can realize the intelligent transformation of the functions of secondary equipment (safety automatic device, traditional measuring instrument, operation control, signal system, etc.) in the distribution room, cancel the conventional artificial power management, and carry out the measurement, control, signal acquisition, fault analysis, load control and operation management of the power system through computers and communication networks, It realizes the transparency of distribution management in intelligent buildings, and greatly improves the security, reliability and intelligence of management level of distribution system. The power monitoring system has good openness and can easily communicate with other relevant systems and intelligent devices in intelligent buildings, such as building equipment automation system, communication network system, office automation system, automatic fire alarm system, etc., so as to realize mutual communication and information sharing between automation systems. The following is a system application example

in a large park, due to its large area, there are many buildings, including factory buildings and office buildings. The park has central air conditioning, power supply, security and other equipment, so it adopts intelligent design. Among them, there are 8 10kV substations in the power system. Each substation has two 10kv/380v transformers, which adopt the structure of two incoming lines and one bus connection. Each substation has 80 low-voltage feeders. In order to ensure the reliable power supply for the normal work of the park and realize the modern management of the power supply system, the power monitoring is adopted. The whole system is divided into 8 sub workstations and 1 monitoring center. The main communication adopts 10 in front of lm7805 plus a large capacity electrolytic capacitor for low-frequency wave building 0m TCP/ip optical fiber Ethernet, and the field monitoring layer in the sub station adopts MODBUS bus communication

realize the comprehensive management of the building power distribution system through the power monitoring system, and integrate the power monitoring into the comprehensive management of the whole intelligent building through the communication with the building automation system. It not only greatly improves the management efficiency and safety of intelligent buildings, reduces failure losses, but also reduces the management and operation cost of the park, and greatly improves the intelligent level of park management

electrical energy saving brought by power monitoring system

the only feature common to all intelligent buildings is that their structural design can be adapted to convenient and cost-effective changes. After more than ten years of development, intelligent building has been in the development stage of higher intelligence, and developed countries have entered a new realm of "green building". Through the allocation of intelligent functions of buildings, it emphasizes high efficiency, low energy consumption and low pollution, so as to achieve the goal of sustainable development of energy conservation and environmental protection

at present, for users, equipment operation consumption is one of the main expenditures of business operation. In today's competitive environment, the goal of every user is to reasonably control these costs and constantly try to improve efficiency and reduce expenses. In order to effectively control these costs, we should first monitor them. This is one of the main functions of PowerLogic power monitoring system. It can improve management efficiency and system power supply reliability, and provide information required to reduce power consumption, reduce cost, equipment investment and potential consumption of equipment operation

the electrical energy saving of PowerLogic power monitoring system is reflected in: through the power reference

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