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The stock pressure curbed the recent rise of Shanghai Jiaotong company

the recent trend of Shanghai Jiaotong company has been more twists and turns. The main 1205 contract has been waging a seesaw battle around the 29000 yuan front line. The main forces of the long and short sides have been fighting for several days, while the 30000 yuan integer level is close at hand, but they have not been able to effectively attack, showing that the pressure of the long-term attack is still there. The recent trend of Tokyo rubber is similar. After breaking through the 330 yen technology platform, facing the 350 yen technical pressure level, it also shows a lack of confidence, showing a high-level consolidation trend. At present, the world is in the seasonal off-season of rubber cutting, and the supply of new raw materials is small, while the high inventory in Qingdao free trade zone is difficult to effectively digest, which has become the biggest pressure on the recent rise in rubber prices

in combination with the supply and demand situation in the first quarter of this year, downstream consumption has begun to start. With the end of the Spring Festival holiday in China, domestic tire enterprises have resumed work one after another. Taking advantage of the overall decline in rubber prices in the fourth quarter of last year, tire enterprises generally made good profits last year. According to a group of data released recently by China Rubber Industry Association, the industrial output value of 45 key tire member enterprises in 2011 increased by 19.09% year-on-year, and the sales revenue increased by 19.39% year-on-year; According to the annual reports of last year released by large tire enterprises around the world, profits have also increased significantly. On the whole, the increase in the profitability of downstream tire enterprises helps enterprises bear the increase in the volatility of rubber prices. It is reported that international large tire enterprises have begun to increase the price of tires in North America. If the price increase trend can spread, it will undoubtedly pass on the negative impact of higher raw material costs on downstream enterprises

at present, the world is in the off-season of rubber cutting, and it is about half a month away from the main production area of Yunnan in China. According to local insiders, the drought in Yunnan has not affected the main producing areas of rubber cutting, and it is expected that the normal cutting will be carried out in the second half of this month. The main production areas in Thailand have entered the deciduous period, and the supply of new raw materials has decreased. The price of dry rubber raw materials in Thailand is relatively strong, maintaining at 110 baht/kg, equivalent to about 3900 US dollars/ton. At present, there is still a gap between the price of raw materials in the Thai market and the previous protection price of 17billion baht of raw materials purchased and stored by the Thai government, which was stabilized at 120 baht/kg (4110 US dollars/ton). However, the spot trend of dollar glue in the external market has not been strong recently. Singapore No. 20 standard glue has fluctuated around us $3800/ton for more than a month. The sluggish performance of the external market trend is mainly due to the huge inventory pressure in Qingdao Free Trade Zone, which is difficult to digest. As of February 27, the customs statistics showed that the rubber inventory in Qingdao free trade zone was still higher than 240000 tons, including more than 150000 tons of standard rubber. The rubber inventory has maintained such a high level for more than three months, resulting in significant changes in the raw material price of composite polyurethane adhesive. The start of the spot market still needs the effective decline of inventory to take advantage of

the recent trend of surrounding financial markets also needs to be focused. The US dollar index has hit the bottom since the cautious remarks made by Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke last week. In order to adapt to the rebound of the application foam granulator in the new era, the interest rate meeting of the five major central banks and the US non farm employment data that we are concerned about this week will become the focus that will affect the direction of the international financial market. The technical pressure above the US dollar index is near the 60 day moving average. If the five major central banks maintain the benchmark interest rate unchanged, the pressure for the US dollar to rise and retreat will rise. At present, crude oil maintains a high-level consolidation trend, which gives certain support to downstream chemical products. Synthetic rubber is still relatively strong due to the impact of factory centralized maintenance recently, and the supply of goods is relatively tight. The strength of synthetic rubber has formed an indirect support for natural rubber

read the reading of the experimental machine during hair removal. Combined with the recent disk trend, the main 1205 contract of Shanghai rubber has been sorted around the range of 28500 yuan -29500 yuan for several days, and the main funds have changed hands more actively. The technical pressure above has not been effectively broken, which still shows the upward pressure of the rubber price. We believe that in the short term, under the pressure of high inventory, Shanghai rubber still needs to consolidate its momentum. After Wang Zhonghui, who has been focusing on graphene investment in downstream tires for more than 10 years, told reporters that the operating rate has rebounded again and the surrounding financial markets have stabilized, the rubber price is still expected to continue to challenge the integer level of 30000 yuan

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