Application of the hottest printing adhesion AIDS

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Application of hot stamping adhesion AIDS

hot stamping adhesion AIDS refer to the adhesives used to bond the hot stamping materials to the objects to be ironed when the hot stamping materials have no bonding ability or the bonding ability is not enough, and the hot stamping cannot stick the imprint

1. sticky powder. Adhesive powder refers to powdered adhesive AIDS. There are three common types:

(1) rosin powder. Rosin powder is made by crushing the resin obtained from the pine trunk. The main component is rosin acid. Its use method is as follows: in the immature technology:

① when using, spread the rosin powder on the hot position, and there are two methods: one is to dip the cotton yarn into the powder; Another method is to spread with tools

② rosin powder is only suitable for hot stamping the cover of fabrics, because there are fiber pores on the surface of fabrics, and powdery adhesive can penetrate into the interior of fabrics, which has a good bonding effect after hot pressing

③ rosin powder is not suitable for coating, leather, PVC and other smooth objects. Because the powder itself has a large sliding property, the powder will fall off or move when painted on the smooth body due to the shaking during operation, which will affect the hot stamping process

④ the use of rosin powder should not be applied too much, but should be less and uniform

(2) protein powder. Protein powder is another kind of sticky powder, which is made of egg protein

protein powder can be made by yourself. The method is: first remove the egg yolk, then put the remaining egg white in a smooth and clean container, cool and dry it, smash it into powder with a mortar, the finer the better, and then use it. Pay attention to the following two points when using:

① the production of protein powder should be based on the amount used, and should not be too much, because protein is easy to reproduce bacteria and cause corruption. Protein contains amino acids, which are prone to deliquescence and viscosity decline when the air humidity is high

② there are two methods of use, which are the same as that of rosin powder; At the same time, it is not suitable to smear on the smooth body

(3) bronzing powder. Bronzing powder is a kind of adhesive powder sold on the market. It is a powdery hot stamping bonding material made by mixing rosin, shellac and other substances in a certain proportion

the bronzing powder can be used after purchase without adding any other ingredients. This kind of bronzing powder is easy to use and can be stored for a certain period of time, but the price is slightly expensive. The use method is the same as that of other adhesive powders

2. sticking liquid. Adhesive liquid refers to liquid adhesive AIDS, which are commonly used in two ways:

(1) shellac. Shellac is also called shellac, dry paint, etc. The main component of shellac is the esters of leucine, which is insoluble in water, soluble in alcohol and alkaline solutions, and slightly soluble in esters and hydrocarbons. Shellac is soft in nature, can be softened when heated, and decomposes when the temperature is high. Due to its strong adhesion, it can be used as a good binder for hot stamping materials. Alcohol in shellac liquid can also be applied to smooth objects to remove dirt. Its use method is:

ordinary lead screw ① soak shellac in alcohol 10 hours before use. The method is: first smash shellac into pieces and put it into a certain amount of alcohol, and seal the bottle cap. The ratio of alcohol to shellac is generally g glue per 500g of alcohol when reversing

② after 10h, shellac and alcohol are mixed into liquid colloid, which can be used. Shake or stir evenly before use

③ when using, dip it with cotton ball and apply it on the position that should be hot stamped

④ shellac is liquid and brown. It can only be used on the surface of smooth bodies (such as lacquer cloth, leather, PVC paint). Never use it on fabrics. Because after the brown shellac is applied on the fabric, it will penetrate into the gap of the fabric, which will make the fabric change color or have glue marks, causing the cover to be dirty and scrapped

(2) protein solution. Except that the powdered protein adhesive can be used for hot stamping, the protein solution can also be directly applied to the surface of the fabric to bond the hot stamping material. The method is: take the protein solution out of the egg, dip it directly with cotton ball, and apply it on the scalding mark. In addition to easily reproducing bacteria, protein solution is also easy to dry. Do not extract too much in use. Extract as you use it, and do not store it

in practical work, when hot stamping metal foil and color chip, adhesive AIDS must be used, because these hot stamping materials have no bonding ability or poor bonding ability. When it is impossible to iron anodized aluminum foil or colored foil, under normal other conditions, you can also use sticky powder or mucilage to achieve the purpose of firm hot stamping

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