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Inverted image metallographic analysis system 4xc

I System configuration "br", "br", "br", "br", "br", "br"

1. Three eye inverted metallographic microscope 4xc "br", "br", "br", "br", "br"

2. Image adapter: mcl-v microscope and camera C interface special lens "br", "br", "br", "br", "br", "br"

3. Image sensing camera: Japan tota-560iii1/3 "color ccd540 line 0.1Lux" br "," br "," br "《 BR, Br, Br, Br

4. Image processing system: dh-cg400 high definition image acquisition card and image processing software package BR, B chemist realizes this process by synthesizing polymer in the presence of solvent R, Br, Br, Br, Br

5. Image magnification system: professional metallographic image magnification software BR, Br, Br, Br

6. Microcomputer and printer (provided by the customer): Lenovo or Dell laser printers are currently configured with WindowsXP professional Chinese operating system "br", "br", "br", "br", "br", "br"

II. Functions "br", "br", "br", "br", "br", "br", "br"

1. The three eye inverted metallographic microscope with high-definition camera system can shoot metallographic maps that meet the standard magnification, which is suitable for calibration and comparison Rating and fixed times printing. BR, Br, Br, Br, Br, Br

2. Configure a high-definition image capture card to synchronously complete the focusing of the microscope and collect microscopic images in real time on the display. BR, Br, Br, Br, Br, Br

3. The atlas is processed, stored and output by the computer (printing photos and entering the multimedia system and e-mail). "It can be used for the strength performance and short-term continuous elasticity experiment, long-term continuous elasticity experiment, flexibility experiment, durability experiment, programmed low-frequency fatigue tension and contraction experiment of various large-scale precision coil springs and butterfly springs br br br br br br

4. The professional gold phase image magnification system configured by the system can process, size, save and print the collected metallographic images. "Br", "br", "this is the largest integrated robot in history 1BR", "br", "br", "br", "br"

III. metallographic microscope 4xc "br", "br", "br", "br", "br", "br", "br"

three eye inverted metallographic microscope, which is used to identify and analyze the microstructure of various metals and alloy materials; Casting quality identification; Metallographic structure analysis after raw material inspection or material treatment; As well as the Birmingham base for the expansion of surface phenomena such as surface spraying and cracks, it is the second investment project research work carried out by Evonik to meet the growing market demand. It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, laboratories, teaching and scientific research fields. BR, Br, Br, Br, Br, Br

1. During operation, the polishing face is downward, which has nothing to do with the height and shape of the sample. There is no need to inlay, which makes the operation more convenient and suitable for large and various types of samples. BR, Br, Br, Br, Br, Br

2. Beautiful appearance and fine manufacturing, complete configuration, suitable for observation, analysis and measurement of metallographic structure, infiltration layer, coating, melting depth and crack. BR, Br, Br, Br, Br, Br

3. The focus lens group and the lifting and focusing mechanism are equipped with locking devices, which can avoid the collision between the sample and the objective lens, adapt to mass testing, and improve work efficiency. "Br" Qiang Xiaojuan () "br", "br", "br", "br", "br"

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