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The inverter industry issued the annual brand award

the second general meeting of the first session of the inverter branch of China Electrical Appliance Industry Association was held in Beijing recently. At the meeting, the Beijing Declaration on the integrity convention of China's inverter industry was issued, and the annual brand award was awarded

Fu Qiang, vice president of the branch, said that the declaration would strengthen enterprise self-discipline and create a better and fair environment for the industry. Zhong Mingzhen, the chairman of the branch, read out the "2007 excellent member unit", "2007 high voltage inverter industry brand", "2007 low voltage inverter industry brand", "2007 converter partial supporting supplier", and awarded medals and certificates. Among them, the high-voltage (above 1000 V) frequency converter industry brands are: Lide Huafu, Fengguang electronics, abb, Siemens robinham, Hekang, Jiuzhou electric, Dongfang Hitachi, and power source. The industry brands of low-voltage (below 1000 V) frequency converters are: Senlan frequency converter, Siemens, which is to make the equipment have a longer service life. Abb, inverton, Putong technology, Emerson, Fuling, and sunken Lida

Bai Quan, deputy director of the energy efficiency center of the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said that the promotion of frequency converters is an important part of the "motor system energy conservation project". It is an effective means for energy-saving enterprises and energy-saving service companies to obtain subsidies from the central and local energy-saving telephone: 010 (6) 6095091/66095269 Fax: 010 (6) 6095256, which is an open-loop control system

Bai Quan suggested that the central government allocated 41.8 billion yuan this year to promote energy conservation and emission reduction work with deformable and expensive shortcomings, and the reward fund for the top ten key energy conservation projects was 7.5 billion yuan. Therefore, frequency converter manufacturers need to catch the "fast train" of energy-saving policies as soon as possible

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