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Inventory: three major events in the paper industry in 2010

referring to the major events in the paper industry in 2010, many people will mention the soaring price of paper, the government's policies to eliminate backward production capacity, and the popularity of digital publishing. Paper enterprises are facing diversified development. The paper industry is changing in 2010, and constantly exploding. Huicong printing will analyze these points for you one by one

the elimination of paper enterprises with backward production capacity encountered siege and interception

in August 2010, the Ministry of industry and information technology announced the list of 18 enterprises with backward production capacity eliminated in the industrial industry, of which 279 paper enterprises were involved. Li Yizhong, Minister of the Ministry of industry and information technology, said that in accordance with the requirements of the relevant documents of the State Council, the emission permits of enterprises that fail to eliminate backward and poor energy within the prescribed time limit will be revoked, banking financial institutions will not provide any form of new credit support, the investment management department will not approve and approve new investment projects, the land and resources management department will not approve new land use, the relevant departments will not apply for production licenses, and production licenses have been issued The safety permit shall be withdrawn according to law

as a capital intensive enterprise, any project investment in the paper industry is very large, and most of them need the help of the banking financial sector. However, once they are on the blacklist of backward production capacity, they will be sentenced to death. Without bank loans, new projects will not be launched on schedule, and the enterprise will also be in a stalemate

in addition, from the list of backward projects eliminated by the Ministry of industry and information technology, we can also see that some projects or enterprises have been eliminated and discontinued, but they appear on the list. Why? According to Li Shangwu, vice president of Henan papermaking society, the elimination of backward production capacity this time will receive a financial subsidy of 2.7 million yuan for every 10000 tons eliminated, so many enterprises have come back from the dead. It seems that some enterprises are trying to eliminate backward production capacity in order to alleviate the contradiction of overcapacity and promote the healthy development of the industry, but who wants to eliminate more and more is worth thinking about by the relevant departments

whether the paper price is soaring and the medium-sized enterprises are able to meet your work needs? The market price of imported wood pulp remained high in 2010, and the processing cost of various raw materials paper was also driven to some extent. Huicong printing learned from the electronic trading center that at present, almost all of the vegetable markets of many varieties use such bags. The pulp price has crossed the price peak of nearly 10 years. HC printing believes that from the current situation, there are two main reasons for the crazy growth of paper prices: 1. Chile suffered an earthquake and stopped production, resulting in the continuous rise of global pulp prices. 2. Due to the elimination of backward production capacity in the paper industry, many small and medium-sized paper mills have been shut down successively, reducing the supply of pulp and raw materials. This has led to the rapid growth of pulp, resulting in the continuous rise in the prices of household paper and printing and packaging paper, and even the shortage of some products, and the industry reshuffle is imminent. At this time, large and medium-sized enterprises can adjust their industrial layout and reposition the market according to their own conditions, which may open a new world. 4. The oil pressure system of the spring change experimental machine is seriously leaking oil

paper enterprises should also diversify

if we mention the most potential market in 2010, many people will say that the digital publishing industry. Indeed, the digital publishing industry has been in the limelight this year. We often talk about the great threat that digital publishing poses to the traditional publishing industry. The printing industry is facing a crisis. In fact, the paper industry has also encountered the same challenge. Once the digital trend breaks out on a large scale, the demand for paper will inevitably shrink seriously. How to avoid risks and diversify paper enterprises put forward the following design indicators: (1) heavy hammer: the development of 1kg quality has become a big problem at present

Meili Paper is one of the paper enterprises that took the lead in finding a breakthrough to carry out diversified development. Meili paper found that special paper has great market development potential, and the current industry competition in China is not so fierce, which can be used as a supplement to the enterprise product line. Enterprise diversification can avoid risks and realize resource sharing, thus producing the effect of 1+1=2. In today's changing paper industry, diversified development is a wise move

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