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The application of PowerMILL in automobile mold

because of its rich programming mode, PowerMILL still needs to enter the win through a series of operations, close windows, powerful background functions, high-speed computing speed and open secondary development interface. It has played a very important role in the development of FAW mold in recent years, helping FAW mold company stand at the forefront of mold manufacturing

FAW mold manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional automobile cold stamping mold manufacturer in China, with complete vehicle mold development and manufacturing technology. Its products are exported to Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, Argentina, South Africa, India, Britain and other countries; Domestic users are all over the country, and the level of mold manufacturing is second to none in China. FAW mold company has more than 30 large-scale high-precision CNC machining equipment, and PowerMILL of Delcam company is the main processing programming software of these high-precision CNC machining equipment

car side wall model

FAW mold manufacturing company has taken car mold manufacturing as its leading product from truck mold manufacturing at the beginning. With the increasing complexity of the mold, the mold structure tends to be complex, and the selection of processing methods is becoming more and more strict in actual processing. The rich processing methods of PowerMILL are just suitable for the development needs of FAW mold company

in FAW mold company, the structural plane and groove are realized by program. For example, the guide plate is processed by insert milling and axial layered milling, the guide column hole is processed by spiral milling, and various grooves are processed by layered spiral milling. Compared with the traditional processing methods, these methods are all snack knives. Fast forward processing is conducive to maintaining the accuracy of machine tools and the consumption of tool costs, and the processing efficiency is also higher than the traditional methods. The drilling and tapping of die screw holes are also completed on the CNC machine tool, which greatly reduces the workload of fitters and shortens the manufacturing cycle of products

powermill's layered machining can intelligently consider the casting amount of the blank and optimize the tool path. Rough machining of racing line is a unique machining strategy of PowerMILL, which maximizes the rounded corners and smoothes the sharp corners of the tool path, and optionally adopts cycloid machining in the concave area of tool overload, which meets the needs of high-speed machining. Through the test of actual processing, the layered processing saves about 1/3 of the time compared with the parallel processing used in the past

in FAW mold, φ 6- φ Drilling and tapping are all realized on CNC machine tools. If a single program one by one, the workload of repetition is very large; Delcam has developed a special drilling and tapping command for the second time of FAW mold according to the actual production needs of FAW mold

whether the choice of finish machining method of profile is reasonable or not directly affects the surface quality of the mold. Various machining methods have their advantages and disadvantages. In FAW mold company, due to the complexity and uncertainty of the mold surface, different processing methods should be adopted for different molds and different areas of the same mold, and considering the factors of cutting tools and machine tools, often a combination of multiple processing methods. PowerMILL's rich processing strategies, such as pen root cleaning, three-dimensional offset, screw feed, contour machining, etc., can meet the needs of most mold programming of FAW mold company. FAW Mold Co., Ltd. has developed a variety of external window command functions according to the actual production needs of the company. They have developed corresponding commands for each process of 3D surface processing and established a processing database

by using the PowerMILL processing software of Delcam, FAW molds have initially realized automatic processing after rough machining. Before the actual processing, all programs have been simulated and analyzed for interference and collision inspection. After the NC automatic machining master is powered on, it only needs to call out the last experiment to continue the main program for NC machining generated by the experimental program connection command, and then the central tool library uniformly allocates tools according to the requirements of the program list for unmanned machining. The processing process is fast and safe

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