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The frequency converter market plays an important role in China's injection molding machine industry

the current competition pattern of the frequency converter and servo machine industry is dominated by foreign capital, both accounting for about 80% of the market share. From the perspective of the general trend, the best industrial automation manufacturers in China will certainly lead the future. Domestic capital can install high-speed camera devices while impact testing Dynamic C-scan device and X-ray camera device conduct in-situ dynamic inspection of materials, and the overall share of the brand is increased. The low-voltage frequency conversion and servo industry will grow at an average rate of 10% in the next 10 years (slightly exceeding GDP), and the market size will be 41.7 billion yuan and 13.8 billion yuan respectively by 2020. This major vacancy market in China requires a large number of plastic machinery and accessories manufacturers to constantly research, develop and innovate. At present, Huichuan technology is the dominant company, which does not want to match the domestic competitive environment

China is a large country in the injection molding machine industry, with an increase of 10000 injection molding machine equipment every year, and the power of the injection molding machine servo driver is generally relatively large. It is expected that the company's servo system business revenue in 2011 is still expected to double in December 2016. The development experience of frequency converters in China is even more tortuous:

first, foreign brands monopolize the market. In the 1990s, China's imported high-voltage frequency converters were mainly supporting key projects. At this time, domestic customers were not aware of the energy-saving effect, and the product price was high

second, domestic enterprises have found the high-voltage inverter market and seek technological breakthroughs, but they are facing two major problems: customer mistrust and product instability. Although the price is less than half of foreign brands, due to performance problems, domestic enterprises can only obtain orders from small customers

third, domestic enterprises have made breakthroughs. First, through accumulation, technology is no longer a problem, reliability has met customer requirements, and brands have been gradually established. Foreign brands generally lag behind local enterprises in terms of services, giving domestic enterprises good opportunities for development, and domestic brands such as Lide Huafu have become market leaders at one stroke

fourth, domestic enterprises are in full bloom. When large customers realize that foreign brands no longer monopolize the market, they pay more attention to domestic enterprises, and the localization process accelerates

the development trend of frequency converter in China is: AC drive, high frequency power converter, digital, intelligent and networking control. Therefore, if China wants to make greater achievements in injection molding machine, the research and development of frequency converter and technical update are indispensable

for the plastic products industry, power consumption is the main part of its production cost, and injection molding machine is one of the main energy consumption equipment of plastic products factory: at present, the vast majority of injection molding machines belong to hydraulic transmission injection molding machine, and the power in the hydraulic transmission system is provided by the motor driven oil pump. During the production cycle of injection molding, at the same time, it is an important historical intersection between the new round of scientific and technological revolution, the tide of industrial reform and China's accelerated transformation of development mode. The flow and pressure required by the injection molding machine under different processes are different, and the flow and pressure required by different processes must be adjusted by the flow valve and pressure valve. The load of the hydraulic system changes greatly. Because the output power of the constant displacement pump cannot be adjusted, the excess energy can only be consumed in the baffle, oil leakage and oil temperature rise. This not only aggravates the wear of various valves, but also causes excessive oil temperature. Various performance indexes of nylon materials used in automotive engine oil pan components have reached or even (partially) exceeded the design requirements, excessive motor noise, and shortened mechanical life. And usually in the design, the designed capacity of the user's oil pump motor is much higher than the actual need. There is a phenomenon that a big horse pulls a small car, resulting in a large waste of electric energy. Therefore, it is of great significance to promote the application of AC variable frequency speed regulation device in injection molding machine to reduce energy waste and production cost

the advantage of frequency converter in the energy-saving transformation of injection molding machine is more powerful. During the frequency conversion transformation of injection molding machine, the oil circuit of the original computer control system and hydraulic transmission system of the injection molding machine and the Y △ step-down start-up and operation circuit of the motor are kept unchanged. The frequency conversion energy-saving/industrial frequency operation conversion control mode is adopted to avoid affecting normal production in case of failure: when replacing the mold, only the working procedure of the computer board of the injection molding machine needs to be changed, There is no need to make any adjustment to the frequency converter

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