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Inventory: in 2019, the robot industrial park is in full bloom.

the robot industrial park, as an industrial cluster around the production of robot ontology, robot, control system, functional parts and other industrial chain links, to a certain extent, reflects the integration ability of the regional industrial chain, and also reflects the comprehensive strength of a region in the robot industry

in the past two years, under the leadership of the government, robot industrial parks across the country have flourished, laying an industrial foundation for the further development of the robot industry. From the layout of industrial parks in 2019, through the introduction of advanced robot enterprises at home and abroad, various regions have formed a relatively complete talent system and robot industry chain system

Hangzhou Xiaoshan robot industrial park

representatives of settled enterprises: Qianjiang robot, kelda robot, Zhongkai robot

Xiaoshan robot town is located in Qiaonan new town, Xiaoshan Development Zone, with a planning area of 3.51 square kilometers. It was listed as a municipal characteristic town in Hangzhou in 2015, was selected as a provincial characteristic town cultivation list in 2016, and was successfully selected as the fourth batch of characteristic town creation list in Zhejiang Province in 2018

at present, there are more than 40 robot intelligent equipment enterprises in the town, with an output value of more than 3 billion yuan. More than 100 talents in the robot industry have been introduced, including 7 national, 2 provincial, 1 academician workstation, 3 provincial key enterprise research institutes, 12 national high-tech enterprises, 10 Provincial Science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises, and a total of 72 invention patents have been authorized

in November 2019, Xiaoshan robot town won the title of Hangzhou new economic conference Town, the only one in the region; On October 19, 2019, at the 5th China (Hangzhou) International Robot West Lake forum, Zhejiang announced the official launch of the preparation for the establishment of the international robot organization alliance, and the headquarters will be located in the robot town of Xiaoshan Development Zone

Shanghai robot industrial park

representatives of settled enterprises: FANUC, saihe intelligent

Shanghai robot industrial park is the first park named after the robot industry in Shanghai, located in Baoshan District. It gathers the whole robot industry chain, intelligent equipment manufacturing, high-end producer services, and is actively building the most high-end technology, products Robot and high-end equipment manufacturing industry cluster base with application and R & D strength

on June 12, 2019, the global headquarters of Cech intelligence settled in the Shanghai robot industrial park. The project is targeted at the intelligent wheel assembly line, the intelligent wheel detection station, and the high-speed and high-precision multi axis high-end robot motion control and servo control system. It is expected to be officially put into production in 2020

as a major industrial project in Baoshan District of Shanghai in 2019, the Shanghai FANUC phase III project, which was jointly constructed by FANUC group and Shanghai Electric Group, was started in 2019. The new project covers an area of 431 mu, equivalent to the size of 40 football fields, which is four times the total area of the existing phase I and phase II plants. After completion, it will drive the output and scale of robots in Shanghai to a new level

Kunshan high tech Zone robot industrial park

representatives of settled enterprises: KOMA robot, KUKA robot, alliance automation

Kunshan high tech Zone established Kunshan robot industrial park in 2008. Kunshan high tech Zone robot science and technology entrepreneurship Park is located in the robot Industrial Park, which is managed and operated by Kunshan high tech Service Co., Ltd. In 2017, it was recognized as a provincial incubator by the Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province. In December 2019, it was successfully recognized as a national science and technology enterprise incubator by the Ministry of science and technology

at present, there are 39 incubated enterprises and 18 graduated enterprises in the robot technology entrepreneurship Park, mainly in the upstream and downstream of the robot industry chain, involving professional equipment research and development, software development, machine vision, system integration, personnel training services and other fields. 19 incubated enterprises have applied for patents, accounting for 48% of the total number of incubated enterprises. A total of 25 high-tech enterprises and 3 enterprises listed on the new third board have been cultivated. It also cultivated a stable and reliable robot service talent team with innovative ability, and introduced 21 high-level innovation and entrepreneurship talents

Wuhu robot industrial park

representatives of settled enterprises: evert, Rex robot, aoyi precision machine

Wuhu robot industrial park has a planned land of 5300 mu, and the overall layout includes six functional areas: R & D and manufacturing of industrial robot bodies and core components; Service, medical, special robot R & D and manufacturing; Research institutes, joint laboratories, education and training; Intelligent complete equipment manufacturing and R & D; Robot theme park; Financial and commercial supporting facilities. After completion, strive to produce 10000 robots per year, realize the output value of upstream and downstream industries of 30billion yuan, and strive to build a robot industry cluster in the city

it is reported that the robot industrial base has gathered 125 industrial chain enterprises, including 82 Enterprises in Jiujiang District, the core area. In the future, Wuhu robot industrial park will rely on eight elements, including technology research and development, investment and financing, application promotion, policy support, talent support, to achieve a complete breakthrough in technology and core parts, maintain its parts, reduce the manufacturing cost of the robot machine, and improve its competitiveness. For several rigid demand segments, integrate resources, vigorously develop system integration business, deepen and refine, and promote the application of complete machines and parts. By 2025, the annual output value will reach 50billion yuan

Hai'an robot industrial park

representative enterprises: Turing robot, Laifu harmonic

Hai'an robot and intelligent manufacturing industrial park takes innovation driven, application first, leading, whole chain layout, cluster development as the development idea, scientific and technological innovation as the guide, and intelligent manufacturing as the main direction, and has initially formed robot R & D and design, production and manufacturing The whole industry chain development pattern of automation and key components

at present, many research institutes and R & D centers and more than 60 enterprises settled in the robot and Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park of the development zone have deepened project cooperation in different fields. Since 2019, the robot and intelligent manufacturing industrial park has made progress. 1. The main motor source of the experimental machine is not bright. Step by step, clarify the development ideas, clarify the development goals, refine the promotion measures, and promote the infrastructure construction of the industrial park, project attraction services, functional supporting facilities and other key work at full speed, so as to provide new momentum for the transformation and upgrading of Hai'an's traditional advantageous industries. The park actively coordinates the cooperation between robot and intelligent manufacturing enterprises and textile and silk, modern furniture, construction and other cluster enterprises to carry out the construction of intelligent workshops and intelligent factories

it is reported that Turing robot plans to connect with the new Sega textile under construction to provide customized intelligent production lines; According to the production technology and employment characteristics of Hai'an equipment manufacturing industry, Keti robot has developed an industrial welding robot, which is not only selected by many enterprises of Hai'an, but also exported

Tianjin robot industrial park

representatives of settled enterprises: Astro Boy robot, National Machinery Group, Tianjin Fuzhen

from 2014 to 2018, Tianjin has basically formed the whole policy support system covering the robot industry chain. In addition, the manufacturing industry in TEDA has a high degree of agglomeration, large industrial scale and many categories. Enterprises have a lot of needs for transformation and improvement in product process optimization, cost control and efficiency improvement

it is estimated that by 2021, the overall scale of the intelligent technology industry in TEDA will reach 30billion yuan, and three sub competitive fields with an output value of 10 billion yuan, including intelligent manufacturing equipment, intelligent delivery vehicles, and big data cloud computing, will be cultivated; Build three national or ministerial innovation platforms at a high level, attract more than 10 high-level entrepreneurial teams at home and abroad, and cultivate and introduce more than 30 high-end R & D talents and enterprise leaders in the intelligent technology industry; Focus on launching a number of high-level AI + application solutions in the fields of intelligent manufacturing, intelligent logistics, driverless, intelligent medicine, intelligent finance, etc., and form no less than 20 demonstration projects that can be copied and promoted externally; Promote the transformation and upgrading of key manufacturing enterprises, build 30 smart factories, and strive to become the core bearing area and application demonstration area of Intelligent Manufacturing in Tianjin

Changzhou robot industrial park

representatives of settled enterprises: Yaskawa robot, nabotsk, Jinshi robot

the main carrier of Changzhou robot industrial park is Wujin national high tech Zone. As one of the most important sectors for the development of Wujin, the overall planning area of Wujin national high tech Zone is 182 square kilometers, with robots and intelligent equipment, energy conservation and environmental protection, electronic information and other core industries. At present, it ranks in the top 10 among the 129 development zones in the province

robot is one of the emerging industries that Changzhou has focused on in recent years. At present, Changzhou has formed a complete production chain of robot ontology, core components, software and system integration. The first China (Changzhou robot and intelligent hardware) intellectual property protection center, Jiangsu robot and robot equipment standards committee, has settled in Changzhou

as one of the four largest robot manufacturers in the world, Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan has established its first overseas robot production base in Changzhou; As early as 2015, Japan nabotsk Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Electromechanical Co., Ltd. jointly invested and settled in Wujin high tech Zone

Yuyao robot town

representatives of enterprises settled in Yuyao robot Town: Zhichang group, Zhichuan robot, China Clariant robot

intelligent robot town in Yuyao thousand people plan industrial park, with the mission of breaking foreign monopoly and realizing the localization of robot core components, the goal is to strengthen the gathering of high-end robot talents, accelerate the technological breakthrough and industrialization of core components, and actively cultivate the robot industry culture, Layout robot themed tourism resources. Create a leading area for the development of robot core components, a gathering area for high-end robot talents, and a display area for robot characteristic culture and tourism resources across the province and even the country

at present, the industrial park has introduced a total of 22 experts from the national thousand talents plan in the robot field. It has successively introduced 9 scientific research institutions, including Ningbo Intelligent Manufacturing Industry Research Institute, Zhejiang University Robot Research Institute, Nottingham (Yuyao) intelligent electrification Research Institute, etc. In December, 2019, the centralized commencement ceremony of the industrial project of Yuyao Industrial Park of Zhejiang thousand talents plan was held. The three projects cover a total area of 164 mu, with a total investment of 500 million yuan

Tangshan robot industrial park

representatives of settled enterprises: CITIC Heavy Industry Kaicheng intelligence, Tangshan Panasonic, Kaiyuan robot, Baichuan intelligence

since 2017, Tangshan high tech Zone has invested 20million yuan and leveraged social capital of 500million yuan to build a national torch Tangshan robot characteristic industrial base incubation center and a robot R & D center in the high tech Zone. Now 23 robot enterprises have gathered. Caihegao, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and an expert in robotics and mechatronics technology, and Ma Shugen, an expert in the thousand person plan, have been introduced to cultivate cutting-edge talents such as Xu Kaicheng, a senior expert in the Chinese equipment engineering expert pool, Li constitutionalism, a director of the China robotics industry alliance, Zhao Xin, a representative enterprise of the national military civilian integration Association, and the only enterprise planning candidate with the military industry 4 system certification in Xinjiang

in the first half of 2019, the robot industry in the high tech Zone achieved an operating revenue of 3.14 billion yuan, an increase of 20.8% year-on-year. In the future, Tangshan will continue to implement the robot + action plan: robot + manufacturing, and carry out industrial robot promotion and application demonstration in new energy, automobile, electronics and other industries. Robot + service, innovative service content and form. In the field of logistics, promote intelligent sorting, packaging and handling robots, etc; In the medical field, we will promote rehabilitation nursing, dispensing, diagnosis assistant robots, etc

Chongqing Liangjiang robot industrial park

representatives of settled enterprises: Kawasaki, KUKA, abb, FANUC

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