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Frequency converter industry: the policy promotion is sustained and strong, and the development of the industry is expected to speed up

on May 4, 2010, the State Council issued the notice of the State Council on Further Strengthening the work to ensure that the energy conservation and emission reduction goals of the eleventh five year plan are achieved at the same time (hereinafter referred to as the notice), which made relevant arrangements for accelerating the promotion of energy conservation and emission reduction

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to achieve the energy-saving goal of the eleventh five year plan, the task in 2010 is arduous. In the Eleventh Five Year Plan of China, the goal of reducing energy consumption per unit of GDP by about 20% was clearly put forward. By the end of 2009, China has achieved a cumulative decrease of 14.38% in energy consumption per unit of GDP, a decrease of 9.66hytrel in total chemical oxygen demand emissions, and a decrease of 13.14% in total sulfur dioxide emissions. A series of achievements have been made in energy conservation and emission reduction, but the task in 2010 is still very arduous, and there is much room for improvement in the application field of energy conservation and emission reduction

the policy promotion continues to be strong, and we are optimistic about the application of inverter technology in the field of industrial energy conservation. In the notice, clear arrangements are made for the arrangement of energy-saving funds, key areas such as some heavy-duty gear oil energy-saving fields, the selection of energy-saving technologies and fiscal and tax policy support, and the specific transformation effect of energy conservation and emission reduction is linked to the performance evaluation of relevant people. At present, industrial energy consumption accounts for 67% of the total energy consumption of the whole society, and it is the largest user of energy consumption. It is also naturally responsible for energy conservation. Among these industrial energy consumption, about 70% is used in motors. As the best motor energy-saving technology, frequency converter technology has developed vigorously in China since 2000. According to the prediction of the installed capacity of existing motors, it is difficult for China's inverter market to reach the saturation state of the new situation that is willing to be the first to create China's polyurethane insulation material industry in the next ten years, and the market capacity is about 120 billion-180 billion

introduction to key companies in the industry. The domestic frequency converter industry has entered a stage of rapid development since 2000. The main market of high-voltage frequency converter industry is occupied by domestic enterprises, and the medium and low-voltage frequency converter market is mainly occupied by foreign capital. In the field of high-voltage frequency converters, we pay attention to Hekang frequency converters, Rongxin Co., Ltd., Jiuzhou Electric Co., Ltd., Zhiguang Electric Co., Ltd., which have high market share and advanced technology, and medium and low-voltage frequency converters pay attention to yingweiteng, which has high-performance technology

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