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It is well known that industrial robots are specially designed for workpiece assembly, processing and processing. People can control these industrial robots through free programming, and some industrial machines are convenient for users to use; The robot can be guided by sensors. The existing industrial robots are mostly parallel robots, such as triangular robots or serial robots, which include multi axis and SCARA robots. In addition, these robots can also adopt strain or other more advanced test methods, such as payload, range, dynamics and accuracy. Industrial robots are of great significance to industrial development. This paper will list seven major industrial robot manufacturers in the world

1. Mitsubishi Electric is from Japan, focusing on electronic and electrical products and related software. The robotics department accounts for only a small part of Mitsubishi's turnover. In 2017, the industrial robotics sector generated sales of 11.032 billion euros. In terms of sales, the company ranked first in this field that year

2. ABB robotics is headquartered in Switzerland, and ABB robotics is an important part of its business segment. The group is active in automation and energy technology. In 2017, abb approached "magic material" graphene: how far is the era of second charge? Robotics' sales were 5.76 billion euros, ranking second in that year. The abb Cobot Yumi in the picture can work with workers without protective fence

3. Kawasaki heavy industries

robot business is only a small part of Kawasaki heavy industries' main business. The Japanese company is also involved in shipbuilding, aerospace engineering, vehicle manufacturing, civil engineering and energy plant construction

4. Fanuc, also known as frank, was founded in Japan in 1956. Fanuc is a Japanese company specializing in numerical control systems. It is the largest professional CNC system manufacturer in the world, accounting for 70% of the global market share. In 1976, FANUC successfully developed CNC system 5, and then jointly developed advanced CNC system 7 with Siemens. Since then, FANUC company has gradually developed into the largest professional CNC system manufacturer in the world

5. YASKAWA (Yaskawa)

Yaskawa Electric has a history of nearly 100 years, and its full name is Yaskawa Electric Co., Ltd. YASKAWA Electric is a world-class manufacturer of transmission products. In 1977, Yaskawa electric developed and produced the first all electric industrial robot Motoman 1 in Japan by using its best motion control technology. Since then, various industrial robots for automation have been developed, such as welding, assembly, painting, handling and so on

6. China KUKA

KUKA robot was once the robot Department of Germany KUKA group. KUKA robot Co., Ltd. is one of the world's leading industrial robot manufacturers. KUKA is the four letter acronym of Keller und knappich Augsburg. Since 2016, KUKA has become part of China Midea Group, which manufactures household appliances and HVAC systems

at the beginning of this year, KUKA was often exposed as having poor performance. The reference report is as follows: will the headquarters of KUKA, the world industrial robot giant, be moved to China

7. Duer (d RR)

duer is a German machinery and equipment engineering company, which also produces paint spraying robots. The company produces robotics for the automatic application of paints, sealants and adhesives. In 2017, duer achieved a turnover of 620million euros, ranking seventh. The paint and assembly system can provide large-scale production paint shops for automobile manufacturers and suppliers, so that the average profit margin will rise and be put into use immediately. As a supplier and material processing expert in the final assembly of the automotive industry, this business department is one of the important partners in the international automotive industry

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