Application of the hottest pressure sensor in air

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The application of pressure sensor in air purification of central air conditioning

with the increasing progress of society, human beings have higher requirements for the quality of their living environment, as well as the prevention of common infectious diseases, so that human beings have higher requirements for public places. Due to population accumulation, the concentration of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and ammonia in the air increases, resulting in the decline of indoor air, causing significant damage to human body, and easy to cause the spread of infectious diseases. There are strict ventilation requirements in public places such as large shopping malls, comprehensive supermarkets, commodity specialty stores, service specialty stores and catering, as well as railway station waiting rooms and bus station waiting rooms

to improve the air conditions of the public environment, it is necessary to exchange the air of the public environment with the outside air. The room is in a negative pressure state, and there must be a pressure difference to let the outside air enter the public environment. We can feel the indoor pressure through the pressure sensor to control the ventilation equipment and realize intelligent control

smi pressure sensor is to convert the physical quantity of pressure into electricity and remove the glass effect of the dial when it does not coincide with the main needle. SMI pressure sensor can measure micro pressure, with high precision, linear output program, temperature compensation, simple later application circuit and other characteristics, and can accurately measure the micro pressure of air flow in the environment

the application amplification circuit of the pressure sensor is shown in figure (1):

the following is the function process of the pressure sensor in controlling air flow (Figure 2):

figure (2)

figure (3) an application of the pressure sensor in indoor space. The pressure sensor measures the indoor and outdoor pressure difference and converts the physical quantity into a voltage signal; The signal processing system is to process the voltage signal, amplify, zero, full and digital display the voltage signal provided by the input pressure sensor to realize remote monitoring; By receiving the signal from the signal processing system, the control system can change the start and close of the indoor exhaust fan by one parameter at a time, so as to remotely control the indoor negative pressure value. In the process of the experiment, there is no impact and vibration, and the intelligent control and energy-saving effect are achieved

if the measured pressure difference is amplified and processed into a standard Ma transmitter signal in the process of signal processing, it can be directly integrated into various control systems in the public environment, with good versatility. It is an important part of the future public environmental control system

figure (3) application of pressure sensor


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