Wandefu cabinet creates a journey of autumn rose a

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Wandefu cabinet makes a journey of autumn "Rose appointment"

Another summer and autumn home decoration peak season is coming soon, which is also a hot season for enterprises and merchants to promote. China Cabinet network, together with brand enterprises, strives to create the theme theme of "summer and autumn decoration is more efficient kitchen decoration scheme collection", so as to comprehensively display the enterprise's kitchen decoration scheme, pictures, analysis, data, etc. for end consumers, and then present more affordable The more wonderful golden autumn large-scale promotion theme is expected to provide feasible and efficient decoration suggestions for the decoration of new and old houses, solve the problem of kitchen decoration, and let you enjoy the most "fashionable" decoration scheme in the cabinet industry

petty bourgeoisie style room decoration: Hefeng impression

product key selling points

Aijia series: imitation solid wood texture, giving a fresh and natural feeling, economical and durable, extremely cost-effective, suitable for matching with various home decoration styles

product introduction

double decorative panels, rainbow quartz countertops, stainless steel sinks, durable

petty bourgeoisie style room decoration: about the rose

product key selling points

magic crystal 3D series: with mirror like high gloss, easy to clean, scratch resistant, aging resistant, simple design, permeated with the breath of youth and fashion

product introduction

carbon steel glass door panel, golden quartz table top, stainless steel sink, strong practicality

high end luxury home accessories: Saint Maria

product key selling points

bread baking paint series: rich colors, avant-garde and fashionable shapes, coupled with automatic hardware, make it full of modernity, and every detail is the perfect combination of technology and taste

product introduction

bread baking paint door panel, jade quartz table top, stainless steel sink, easy to take care of




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