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Store decoration is very important. If the decoration is good, it will attract many customers, and the design of good feng shui layout will also bring us good fortune. So what are the taboos of store decoration Feng Shui? The following Xiaobian will introduce the store decoration Feng Shui taboos, let's have a look

store decoration Feng Shui taboo

1. Store color should not be chosen at will

store decoration also has a lot of attention in color selection. Many stores pay great attention to the color of the store. After testing, the bright color of red lights will make people excited and stimulate people's desire to buy things. From the perspective of Feng Shui, the color in the store, To consider the birthday of the owner, the orientation of the store and the five element attributes of the goods sold, these must be decided by a professional housekeeper

2. The door of the store should not be too small

people say that the door of the store belongs to the throat and is the access for customers. The number of customers every day determines the rise and fall of the store. Therefore, in order to improve the amount of customers received by the store, the door of the store should not be too small; Feng Shui says that if the store door is too small, it will narrow the air outlet of the house, which is not conducive to receiving gas, reduce the anger in the house and increase the dead spirit, resulting in bad business

3. The counter should not be placed at the exit.

the counter should not be placed at the exit of the escalator. Many businesses place the counter here in order to let customers see promotional goods as soon as they go upstairs, so as to increase the possibility of selling goods. However, this method is easy for customers to bypass the counter and walk to other homes. In fact, you can move the counter blocking the entrance of the stairs aside a little. I believe you will feel “ Zhaixiangxue ” The wonderful use of

4. The direction of the escalator should not directly hit the store door

now many large shopping malls do not use escalators, but if there are stores in this pattern, we should pay attention not to face the escalator against the store door, and should try to use shelves and other objects to cover it. This is the principle that Feng Shui likes to turn back and avoid direct hit

5. Don't play music in the store too loud

many stores like to play the music in the store very loudly in order to create the atmosphere inside the store. In fact, playing music itself can create a good atmosphere. Playing some soft and elegant music can make customers stay and forget to return, and increase the time customers spend in the store. The loud music is called sound evil in geomantic omen, which belongs to a kind of evil, However, people will produce irritable freshness, which will not help the sales results of goods

editor's summary: the above is about the store decoration Feng Shui taboos and the Feng Shui taboos that must be known when opening a store. Everyone also knows about the store decoration Feng Shui, and try to avoid the above taboos when decorating the store, hoping to help you




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