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Guide: when shopping for integrated ceiling, electrical modules are always our most concerned, so how can we choose good electrical modules? Let's take a look at the analysis and sorting of each module below, hoping to help you choose and buy integrated ceiling

new things are always produced in accordance with market demand. As a new mode, the integrated ceiling electrical module breaks the traditional multi-function mode of Yuba, which divides the lighting, ventilation and heating of Yuba in the kitchen and bathroom into independent functional modules, and then combines and installs freely according to local conditions. Not only can the installation location be selected according to the actual environment, but also the electrical functions can be freely combined and matched according to the needs of consumers, which fully reflects the humanization of selection and installation

a middling needs a good combination of functional appliances and gusset plates. The integrated ceiling function modules mainly include lighting module, ventilation module, heating module, etc. Experts remind consumers that the quality of electrical appliances is definitely not only based on the style, appearance and functions. The superiority of electrical appliances mainly depends on the functional efficiency, quality, safety and service life of electrical appliances. Now let's learn about the purchase knowledge of various modules of integrated ceiling appliances:

first, lighting function module

when selecting lighting appliances, we should pay attention to three links: Lighting mask, ballast and lamp tube, and each link has corresponding industry standards. How to choose a good lighting module, product brand and technical support are the key

1. Lighting mask

generally, the brand illuminator mask is usually made of benzene and ABS materials. The mask made of this material has poor light transmission performance, and it is easy to age, change color and fade over time

brand ceiling standards generally adopt imported acrylic panels and glass panels. This kind of high light transmittance acrylic lamp shade plate has uniform thickness, UV protection and excellent heat resistance. Therefore, it not only has good light transmission performance, but also does not age, deform and fade after long-term use

2. Ballast

the ballast of general ceiling brand has a short design life and is easy to produce noise and stroboscopic. Professional ceiling enterprises will fully consider the optimal ratio of lamp tube and ballast parameters. The ballast adopts brand energy-saving electronic ballast with automatic protection function for abnormal conditions. For example, the electronic ballast of fluorescent lamp used in the industry standard has low power consumption, which reduces the total input power of the lamp by about 20%, and has a better energy-saving effect

the electronic ballast used by the brand ceiling illuminator has a more reliable starting point. After preheating the lamp, the starting point is successful at one time, avoiding multiple starting points, and can stabilize the input power and output luminous flux

the noise of electronic ballast used in professional lighting can reach below 35dB, and people can't feel the noise under normal conditions

the constant power of electronic ballast used in professional illuminators, the decrease of lamp current, and the reliable starting point can prolong the service life of lamps

3. Lamp tube

when choosing lighting, the color temperature and luminous effect of the lamp tube are very important. Professional integrated ceiling lighting generally adopts three primary color energy-saving lamps and standard water coating technology, rather than inferior halogen powder tubes. For example, the light efficiency of T5 energy-saving lamp tube with rare earth trichromatic phosphor is 5% higher than that of ordinary lamp tube halogen powder tube

the color temperature of ordinary lamps is generally 10000-mdash; 25000k, the brightness of the lamp is not big, and it is quite dazzling. The color temperature of professional ceiling lighting tubes is 6400k, and the light line is soft and uniform visually, which can effectively protect vision

therefore, when choosing lighting lamps, Mr. Wu Rongwei reminded: the beauty of the style is important, but don't be confused by it. The lighting performance is more critical. The key is to grasp three points: long service life, no stroboscopic, no noise

II. The air exchange efficiency of the air exchange module

mainly depends on the quality of the air exchange motor. Standard ventilators generally use high-quality ball bearing motors, and the average life of the motor is more than 2000 hours, which is three times the life of ordinary motors

the ventilator motor of brand enterprises has five significant characteristics. For example, the surface of professional ventilation motor is treated by anodic electrophoresis process, and the fully enclosed structure design has the function of waterproof and rust prevention. The long service life of ball bearing motor is determined by its waterproof, rust proof and oil free characteristics. Ordinary motors are prone to water ingress during use, resulting in rust. Therefore, when purchasing, we must pay attention to the brand, understand the process of the ventilator motor in detail, and see the design structure clearly

in addition, the air volume of the ventilator is also an important indicator to identify the quality of the ventilator. The principle of the air duct system of the professional ventilator adopts the Archimedes spiral air duct, which has the advantages of low power, high exhaust force and low noise. The air volume of the ventilator can reach 240 cubic meters per hour when it is working

whether the ventilator impeller has the ability to resist aging and deformation also determines the durability factor of the working performance of the ventilator. Only by integrating the factors of motor, ventilation duct design, impeller quality and so on, can we choose a ventilator with superior quality. These all depend on professional technical support. Only good brands can have professional technical support. Therefore, it is very important to choose a ventilator brand

based on the above, it is reminded that when selecting the ventilation module, the key is to grasp two points: high ventilation efficiency and long service life of the motor




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