The happiness of life is quiet in Kangying silent

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Kangying silent doors and windows in Nanhai District, Foshan, one of the four famous towns, specializes in the production and sales of aluminum alloy doors and windows, bridge cutoff aluminum doors and windows, sunshine room and other high-end door and window products. It has been building silent doors and windows since 12 years. It is the first leading brand in China to research, develop and produce silent doors and windows. As a brand of high-end silent aluminum alloy doors and windows, Kangying doors and windows not only makes scientific and technological innovation in product technology, but also maximizes its product quality and quietness, More fully consider the needs of consumers, and improve the added value of products from the aspects of appearance, comfort, function and effect, so as to achieve excellence in all aspects

Kangying doors and windows is an aluminum alloy door and window system. Through leading innovative design, it integrates sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, energy conservation, safety, comfort and excellent durability. It has become the first silent all-round product in China, which is popular with many consumer groups and home decoration projects, bringing people "quiet" to enjoy a better life experience and retaining your life's happiness

Aesthetics: different shapes, colors, processes and other choices can be provided to fully meet the personalized needs of the building

comfort: excellent energy-saving and temperature control, humanized micro ventilation device, the latest nylon connecting rod technology for silent operation and superior sound insulation function make it extremely comfortable

durability: the bearing capacity of the hinge is up to 170kg, and the material and process treatment with high anti-corrosion performance can ensure long-term use even in coastal areas




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