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Enterprise team is the new force for the continuous development and expansion of enterprises. The quality of team work directly affects the survival and development of enterprises. Therefore, it is very important to lead a team well. A little carelessness will cause immeasurable losses

the enterprise team is the new force for the continuous development and expansion of the enterprise. The quality of the team work directly affects the survival and development of the enterprise. Therefore, it is very important to lead a team well. A little carelessness will cause immeasurable losses. So, as the head of the team, how should I lead my team? In fact, it is 16 words: "clear goals, clear responsibilities, clear rewards and punishments, surpass bole."

when there are 10 people in the company, it may only need the rule of man, which can be led by the friendship between brothers. To 100 people, we must start talking about management and the legal system. Companies with 10000 people must speak about corporate culture and values, otherwise the organization of the company may collapse at any time. Many people don't understand why Alibaba attaches so much importance to values. In fact, if you remove those idealistic factors, this is the largest management tool of the enterprise. Alibaba's values, mission and vision are its biggest core competitiveness. Someone will ask what is the difference between Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu? Alibaba is about mission and vision. Tencent and Baidu won't tell you that

mission and vision are definitely not slogans spoken casually, but play a vital guiding role in life and death. For example, what money should be earned and what should not be earned. When differences arise, it depends on the mission and vision. This is not a slogan to deceive yourself and others. The same is true of values, which can play a guiding role when we face choices. For example, the value of "customer-centered, striver oriented" of Ruyu Deshui curtain always guides Ruyu Deshui people to be positive, focus on the extreme, do curtains wholeheartedly, and do services wholeheartedly. All employees also prove with actions, "a group of people, one heart, one thing". When tens of thousands of people tend to work with common values, it will bring two obvious benefits: first, the communication cost is reduced, and the views on a problem are basically the same; Second, it reduces the management cost and makes it possible to do things from bottom to top

1. Clear objectives

clear objectives have two meanings: first, the objectives of the team should be very clear; Second, the performance goals set for employees should be very clear, that is, quantitative

for example, there is a saying in the security industry that safety work seems to be impossible to quantify at all. We will do many things, but when the attack will happen is still elusive. Now it seems that the security work can still be quantified, and we must be responsible for the final results → vulnerabilities and security events. With such key indicators, we will drive all products, solutions, operation systems and technological innovation

all the work must have the most critical place, which must be quantifiable. If it can't be quantified, either it's not critical enough, or it's not clear. Pay more attention to fengrenyuan for more learning contents

many people's goals are qualitative rather than quantitative. For example, the goal is to "do something" and there is no quantitative assessment standard. There are problems with this, either there is a lot of water to muddle through, or you are busy in the wrong direction and don't solve the problem in the end. The biggest harm to employees is that they can't prove that their performance is better than others in the end

in fact, a simple question can be used to judge whether the employee's performance goal setting is clear: does the employee know that after what he has done, he "must" be able to get "beyond expectation" evaluation or promotion? If you can't answer, it means that the performance objectives of employees are not set clearly

goals are not set clearly, and the strength of the team does not necessarily make it in the right direction. This is the first thing managers need to do when leading the team

2. Clear responsibilities

clear responsibilities mean that responsibilities should be clear to people and there should be "accountability"

someone should be responsible for everything, and there should be no gray area. This accountability must be focused, not two people, but only one person. This is not to say that each KPI can only be recited by one person. In practical work, it is common for many people to recite a KPI together, especially after the goal decomposition. What we are talking about here is that in the end, there must be someone who will take full responsibility for it. If you want to kill your head, you will be the first to kill him

how to set up the organizational structure is very particular. The most important purpose is to establish "accountability". If you attach great importance to a thing, it should be reflected in the organizational structure. Setting up a separate department and a clear reporting relationship is the real attention

clear responsibility is to find a way for everything " Beheading " If the person can't be found, it means that the responsibility is not clear enough

3. Clear rewards and punishments

when responsibilities are clarified, what follows is " Clear rewards and punishments "e;, Those who should be killed should be able to be killed

don't think it's easy to be clear about rewards and punishments. It will be very difficult for most people. A qualified manager at least has to drive employees

protecting the short is a very bad behavior. The consequence of protecting weaknesses is to distinguish right from wrong, which will let employees see that the company's system is unfair and cronyism. So no matter how close you are, you will never be soft hearted when it comes to killing (just ask if it's a brother who has suffered with you for many years, is he ruthless?). On the contrary, even people who don't like them at ordinary times must be rewarded as long as they really make achievements. The system that can do this must be transparent and based on "clear objectives" and "clear responsibilities". It is clear at a glance who does well and who does not. Please pay attention to fengrenyuan for more learning contents

in a mature company, there should be no such thing as "looking at hard work without looking at credit". Everything should be result oriented. Similarly, we should not engage in small gangs, talk about "who is who", and work should not talk about friendship. Being a company is not to make anyone happy, but to get things done

4. Surpass Bole

"surpass Bole" means to cultivate talents and help them grow

things are done by people. If there is no one, don't want to do something great. Therefore, "surpassing Bole" is placed in the last sentence of the 16 word mantra

everyone should have heard jobs' argument about "recruiting only first-class talents", which everyone understands. With the first-class talents coming, what else can we not do? However, the ability to attract first-class talents is itself a manifestation of management ability. Most of the time, salary alone cannot attract top-notch talents. First-class talents can get high salaries wherever they go

an old friend told me that what he admired most about me was that I could attract a group of the best people to the team at different times. He asked me how I did it

"first, you have to have a big dream, and then let others believe in it." This is the only answer I can think of. Managers should be good at doing bole, know people and make good use of them, and put the right people in the right position. The blood of the team should flow, not unchanging. In the course of "how to become an excellent manager", teacher Liu Yong of fengrenyuan said that it takes three passes to become an excellent manager from an ordinary manager: values, skills and time allocation. At the same time, he should improve his professional ability and personality charm, and have a strong sense of career

for managers, they should be good at using "management leverage" to cultivate their subordinates who report directly, so that they can be independent, better than their own fatigue. The manager who kills himself must not be a successful manager

"clear objectives, clear responsibilities, clear rewards and punishments, and surpassing Bole" are the most basic qualities that managers need to have. On this basis, let's talk about business ability. If some entrepreneurs can understand and do this from the beginning, the success rate of entrepreneurship may be much higher




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