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Fruit packaging needs to be improved to meet consumer demand

with the continuous improvement of living standards, people's consumption concept of agricultural and sideline products has changed from quantity to quality, which requires not only pure taste, but also beautiful appearance and good quality. Therefore, some agricultural and sideline products with exquisite packaging, peculiar appearance and good quality are increasingly favored by the market. However, those agricultural products with poor packaging and low grade are rarely sought after. Under this market consumption trend, the vast number of farmers in China are gradually aware of the value of packaging. While vigorously selecting and cultivating high-quality varieties, some fruit producers and marketers began to make a big fuss on fruit packaging, thus improving the grade of domestic fruits to a certain extent and promoting product sales. However, with the increasing abundance of fruit resources, the wealth of material-based automobile tires and materials and the changing consumer demand, it is imperative to further improve the fruit packaging

three phenomena of customer service

first, to save trouble, Chinese fruit farmers are very extensive in management during harvest. Fruits picked in many places are directly packed in the place of origin regardless of size, grade or any insurance treatment, and there is neither brand nor any logo on the packaging. Regardless of their intrinsic quality, such packaging can only become a popular commodity, which can only be selected by people in the stalls. They can not enter the shopping malls and supermarkets, and can not sell at a good price

II. Domestic fruit production is close to famous brands, and the brand awareness is weak. Some famous fruits such as Tianjin Yali, Yantai apple, Shaanxi Baishui Red Fuji, etc. Are named after the region. These brands are large and unified, giving the embezzlers and counterfeiters a chance to take advantage of them. It makes the surrounding and even further producing areas display the signboard packaging and marketing of these famous fruits, resulting in uneven fruit quality and a mixture of good and bad people, which not only directly affects the reputation of China's famous fruits, but also may cause those fruit farmers who have obtained short-term benefits to have a speculative attachment psychology, which is extremely unfavorable to the strategy of developing famous fruits

III. general manufacturers do not have their own packaging brands and various logos that can represent the brand characteristics of commodities. They go to the market to buy a general packaging package for listing every harvest season. This phenomenon is common in domestic fruit production. For example, the cartons such as "China Apple", "Hebei Yali" and "Shanxi jujube" sold on the market today have been beautifully printed with the same specifications in recent years. No matter where the apples, Yali and jujube are produced, they can be used for packaging. To a certain extent, this has encouraged those improper business practices of substituting inferior products for good ones, and substituting inferior products for good ones, so that high-grade products cannot be sold at a better price, and consumers are also very disgusted with this. In the long run, it will have a serious impact on improving the quality and reputation of domestic fruits

adapt to five needs

first, it is small. Nowadays, people's consumption of fruit is no longer just giving gifts to relatives and friends or visiting patients, but has become one of the main leisure foods to supplement nutrition and improve health in daily life. In order to keep fresh and avoid decay, the current fruit market is characterized by a small number of times, buy now and eat now. Therefore, the traditional 10 kg carton packaging can no longer meet the changing consumer demand, and what people need is a small package with different materials containing 1-3 kg

second, as a traditional gift, exquisite fruits must be packaged. Exquisite packaging can set off the inherent nobility. For example, the flower basket fruit packaging is not only beautiful and fashionable, but also can express the wishes of the giver. It has become a good choice for gift fruits. Another example is the "bottle" packed crisp pears in Tangshan, which are clean and continuously extend the industrial chain. They are hygienic, pollution-free, and meet the psychological needs of people for healthy consumption. After entering the supermarket, it is still very popular although it sells for 20-25 yuan per kilogram

third, transparency with the enhancement of self-protection awareness, people should open the box to check whether there are secondary rotten fruits when buying fruits in boxes to prevent being cheated. In order to avoid the labor of unpacking, consumers suggest that appropriate transparent materials be used in fruit packaging to make it "clear at a glance". However, it should be reminded that never use people's transparent psychology to play "tricky", because it is impossible for everyone to see a box of fruits

the fourth is the combination, that is, the packaging combination of multiple varieties and tastes, such as the combination packaging of round apples, long bananas and bunches of grapes with different shapes, the combination packaging of fruits with different colors, different origins and different tastes, and the combination packaging of multiple varieties of a fruit, such as Fuji, red star and marshal. In this way, consumers only need to buy a package to taste the delicious fruits. This kind of fruit packaging not only meets the diversified life needs of consumers who adopt two-stage standard deceleration electromechanical hammer lifting, but also has a very significant promotion effect for manufacturers and marketers

fifthly, the fresh-keeping fruit packaging not only can prevent the fruit from being damaged by squeezing, pressing and touching, but also must have the fresh-keeping function of the fruit, so that the fruit can maintain its original freshness, quality and taste in a certain period of time. Of course, the premise of this function should be non-toxic, non polluting and non harmful to human body

in a word, fruit packaging is a science, which has a lot to do. To improve fruit packaging, we must fully consider the characteristics of fruit products, the characteristics of sales market, consumer psychology and other factors in terms of material selection and packaging design, so as to make the perfect combination of packaging and products and achieve the purpose of promoting sales

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