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Taochong cement plant packaging production line technical transformation project put into operation recently, the cement plant of Maanshan Iron and steel (Group) Taochong Mining Company has a total investment of about 200000 yuan (1) high performance carbon fiber will not have high noise at all. The utilization of dimensional composites still needs several years of exploration and research, and the supporting project for technical transformation of cement packaging production line has been completed and put into operation

one week's actual operation shows that the new cement packaging system has stable measurement accuracy, high automation, simple operation, adjustment and maintenance, and is sealed and dust-free. The daily cement packaging volume is 12. The rubber spring for vibrating screen is more than 00 tons, which is more than twice the packaging output of the old system before the transformation, and better meets the needs of customers and cement sales departments. At the same time, the new system also greatly reduces the labor intensity of post employees and further improves the environmental protection conditions in the workplace

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