The packaging form of the hottest candy chocolate

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The packaging form of candy and chocolate depends on the market.

the packaging form of chocolate and candy is mainly determined by the market positioning of their products, the requirements of their own products, l functions and characteristics, and the value of packaging. For example, if the product is positioned as a gift for high-end consumption, the packaging form will be attractive and high-end, such as paper, wood, plastic or metal packaging boxes. For the products consumed by the public, the packaging form will be relatively simple. For example, pillow bag is the packaging favored by businessmen. It has simple form, mature technology, high packaging efficiency and low price. In addition, the packaging technology adopted by some products also depends on the characteristics of the product itself. For example, chocolate products will produce fat precipitation at high temperature, which will affect the quality. It is very suitable for interior insulation in the soil covering of roof, ground and basement walls. Therefore, pillow bags for chocolate packaging generally adopt cold sealing technology

at present, there are two main external packaging forms of packaged candy: pillow bag (traditional) and vertical bag (more chocolate). Except that Cadbury uses the automatic high-temperature packaging equipment of Bossa, Spain, other enterprises (including Nestle, Mars, Hersheys, Le Conde, etc.) use prefabricated bags for manual packaging

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