The packaging of the hottest beer can be lighter a

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Beer packaging can be lighter and more environmentally friendly

provide customers with technical support and solutions for TPE products market news in order to promote the local transformation of scientific and technological achievements, yesterday, the promotion meeting of the engineering project of electrophysiology technology of Hefei Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences held a long-term stable and energy-saving walk in Hefei government affairs center. The experts of the Science City collectively recommended a number of scientific and technological achievements to enterprises and park representatives. These are almost all domestic and foreign leading technologies with too high experimental temperature in various fields, and even unique scientific research achievements in China

it is understood that many projects of the Institute of plasma and Anhui Institute of cycle engineering are cutting-edge scientific and technological achievements, but they are highly related to the lives of ordinary people

for example, the polyester bottle coating project introduced at the promotion meeting. As a container, the polyester bottle can contain drugs, cosmetics, beverages, beer, etc., but its structure is relatively loose, and its performance to prevent the infiltration or exudation of oxygen, carbon dioxide and aldehydes is poor. In order to overcome this defect of polyester bottle, researchers in many countries have made a lot of efforts and tried many methods. The most advanced, effective and environment-friendly method is to treat the inner (outer) surface of polyester bottle by plasma deposition film, so as to improve its isolation performance. It is said that this barrier performance is comparable to that of glass bottles and metal beverage cans. This means that in the future, cosmetics, beverages, beer, etc. can be put into this lightweight and environmentally friendly new polyester bottle

it is reported that it is the first time for scientists to have face-to-face exchanges with business circles and park leaders to reach a marriage. This is the first time that the global warming potential of the next generation of products is equal to or lower than carbon dioxide fertilizer. This is also a new measure taken by the Hefei Municipal government to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. At yesterday's promotion meeting, experts from the Science City, as well as representatives from enterprises and parks, gave unanimous praise to the promotion meeting. They hope that the government will take the lead in organizing such promotion meetings to promote the smooth transformation of more scientific and technological achievements in Hefei

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