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The packaging design of purchased goods needs to face up to the fast-paced modern life, so that people can gradually get used to shopping, which is convenient and fast. However, due to the fast arrival of the purchase era, everything has not yet had time to think and prepare. The problem of commodity packaging brought about by the rapid development of shopping needs us to face and think correctly, and come up with solutions to adapt to this shopping change

I. special supply positioning of purchased goods. Since purchasing goods is already a form of consumer behavior in the 21st century, and its share is increasing, when packaging products from manufacturers, it is necessary to consider that some products are exclusively for purchase. The packaging of ready to buy goods has been separated from the packaging of traditional goods (Part 2) since the products left the factory. In this way, the purpose and direction of commodity packaging design will be clear, and unnecessary packaging expenses will be avoided. Second, the principle of function first. The goods purchased by customers are directly related to the description of the goods (pictures) contacted by a measuring instrument. There is no need to contact the packaging or understand the goods from the packaging. Therefore, the beautification function, display function, attraction function, etc. in the promotional function of packaging are useless. At this point, the principle of commodity packaging design is function first. This function mainly refers to the safety protection function design, which is aimed at the decorative design such as promotion, beautification and display. The packaging design of purchased goods focuses on the safety of the goods, including the safety of delivery, transportation, loading and unloading, storage, distribution, secondary packaging, express delivery and other links. Customers can't touch the packaging when they buy goods. They can only see the packaging of goods at the moment of delivery. As for the good-looking, beautiful and gorgeous packaging, there is no meaning in this aspect for customers

III. identification of commodity and customer information. At present, most of the shopping packages are plastic bags, cow hide corrugated boxes, plastic foam boxes and adhesive tape paper. Some packages are like patients, wrapped layer by layer with adhesive tape paper, in the form of being picked up from garbage. In addition, the commodity information and customer information on the box are very ambiguous due to handwriting and copying. In addition, it is difficult for even the courier to identify the packaging bags and boxes with similar size, shape, materials and color. In addition to the purchase memory, customers only know what is inside when they open the package. How to better identify commodity and customer information through the design and implementation of color, shape, mark and clear information column on the packaging box (bag) is a subject that needs to be considered and designed

IV. recycling and recycling of packaging materials. Not only are customers aware of the importance of packaging safety, but even businesses are trying to do so. Especially for fragile goods, merchants wrap the goods in three layers inside and three layers outside. When customers receive packages from express delivery, they always use knives and scissors to peel them layer by layer. When taking out the goods, the discarded packages are piled up in a pile, which has no reuse value and is simply a pile of garbage. Therefore, while considering the safety, we should also consider the rationality of packaging structure safety, recycling rate and waste recycling. These issues should be considered not only by businesses, but also by express companies that undertake transportation. In particular, in terms of the recycling of packaging materials, the packaging of purchased goods can be more reasonable, standardized and effective only when express companies design and apply different recyclable outer packaging for different goods

at present, the fifth package for purchased goods is the implementation of Ningbo new material Park, upstream and downstream cooperation in the industrial chain, and the introduction of capital. There are also many problems, and there is no special design suitable for purchased goods packaging. Therefore, China Packaging believes that with the gradual popularity of shopping and consumption, it is necessary for us to consider the design of shopping packaging form to meet the growing trading and circulation of shopping and come up with solutions to adapt to this shopping change

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