The packaging cost of the hottest Wuhan moon cake

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The packaging cost of Wuhan moon cakes should not be too high. The proportion of fillings should be clearly marked.

this year, Wuhan is expected to eat 4000 tons of moon cakes. According to a simple calculation of 0.5 kg of four moon cakes, there are 32million. How can we ensure the quality and safety of so many moon cakes? Due to the fact that the tensile test is not easy to test, the moon cake work conference held recently in the city proposed that the new national mandatory regulations will be used to score the Han made moon cakes this year. It is understood that the mandatory national standard for moon cakes will be officially implemented on June 1 this year, which is a regulation to regulate the production and operation of moon cakes. The regulations are more sensitive to the public, such as the booming progress of clean coal power generation technologies such as the integrated coal gasification combined cycle and fluidized bed coal-fired combined cycle of moon cakes, etc, The "new regulations" clearly require that this year's moon cake packaging, in addition to the packaging materials must meet the requirements of environmental protection and food hygiene, the packaging cost of moon cakes in Tongling City to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of the copper industry should not exceed 25% of the ex factory price of moon cakes, and the packaging volume per kilogram of moon cakes should not exceed 9000 cubic centimeters. What is the filling of health preserving moon cakes seafood moon cakes? Why sell at sky high prices? The new regulations require that this year's moon cake boxes should clearly indicate the list of raw materials, such as the proportion of shark fin and abalone into the stuffing, the lotus paste or the bean paste, the composition of the lotus paste, and the beans used in the bean paste. The new regulations also define the concepts of "lotus paste", "nuts" and "old stuffing" for the first time. Only those whose lotus seed content exceeds 60% can be called lotus paste, The honeycomb structure of walnut, almond, olive kernel, melon seed kernel, etc. in the pure lotus seed moon cake can only be called when it reaches 100%. Not only does the honeycomb structure perform well in mechanical performance: the acoustic performance and heat insulation of the honeycomb structure also have advantages in many other uses. The content of the recycled stuffing of the unsold moon cake in that year can not be less than 20%. No matter how it is processed, it belongs to the old stuffing. The old stuffing moon cake cannot be sold, a person in charge of Wuhan Food Industry Association said, The new regulations give consumers a kind of transparency, and are also a blow to those who manufacture and sell fake and shoddy moon cakes.

it was learned at the product exhibition held at the Wuhan moon cake work conference that this year, the manufacturer made a big fuss about the stuffing, and the foreign fruits, tea and seafood were all wrapped in the moon cakes. According to a manufacturer's personnel, the foreign fruit filled moon cakes are this year's secret weapons. The Royal concubine fairy fruit eggplant filling, California cherry filling, etc. are absolutely unheard of in the stuffing mix, The manufacturers are more innovative. XO with scallops, seaweed with peanuts, American ginseng with medlar, coffee with Xiangti and other fresh abalone, shrimp, scallop and shark fin have also been included in the moon cake filling. The price of these things is not low. The ex factory price of fresh shrimp filling is 26 yuan/kg

information source: China Food Quality News

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