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Nowadays, children's cosmetics have become an emerging consumer market, and major businesses are competing to produce cosmetics suitable for children. Although the brands and types of children's cosmetics are very rich, some cosmetics still have problems in terms of external packaging safety warnings and product publicity efficacy. Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the measures for the administration of cosmetics labels (Draft for comments) at its official level, which put forward new requirements for the packaging of children's cosmetics

it is learned that at present, China is facing a baby boom, and the large number of children also makes the children's cosmetics quite large. However, the market is getting bigger, but it is not high, that is, the brand has no high price and no high-end brand. In the former children's cosmetics market, in addition to some old children's skin care brands, some new domestic children's brands have sprung up, and more and more imported children's skin care products are trying to enter the Chinese market

from the shopping malls and shopping platforms in Beijing, it is found that there are many brands of children's cosmetics, and the types are relatively complete, including facial care suits, sunscreen, lotion face cream, makeup water, etc. Cosmetics of brands such as Snoopy, Chunji and shuibaobao are very childlike in their outer packaging. Various animated characters can attract the attention of children at the first time. At present, the sales of children's cosmetics are very good. Young mothers are the majority of buyers. The sales of some large brands of children's cosmetics are better than those of small and medium-sized children's cosmetics. Compared with the price, buyers see more. China International Rubber and plastic exhibition has opened the Asian market, and the focus is on product quality. Said Ms. Wang, a shopkeeper who specializes in selling children's cosmetics on Taobao

some insiders said that the children's cosmetics market has always been regarded as a market with great potential. The baby boom is an opportunity for the development of children's cosmetics industry, but what's more, these new generation parents of the Post-70s and post-80s are different from their previous consumption concepts. They are very willing to spend money on their children and try to use better products for their children

the measures pay attention to the safety of children's consumers

although the brands and types of children's cosmetics are very rich, some cosmetics still have problems in terms of external packaging safety warnings and product publicity efficacy. In the future, most of the external packaging and labeling of cosmetics will be further improved to meet the specifications

recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued the management measures for cosmetics labels (Draft for comments) (hereinafter referred to as the measures) at its official level. The deadline for comments is November 30, 2014. It is understood that if the measures are approved, it will be formally implemented from july1,2015, and the inventory packaging of products already on the market can be used up to june30,2016. The measures put forward comprehensive and detailed requirements for the management of labels, labels and packaging of cosmetics, and clearer guidelines for consumers to identify the necessary information such as product performance and characteristics more conveniently and accurately. If it is formally implemented, it will bring a lot of help to consumers. Article 22 of the measures provides for the marking of precautions and warnings. For the products with relevant precautions applicable to the cosmetics of special people such as children, as well as the flammable cosmetics such as nail polish, nail remover, nail hardener, pressure filling sol, etc., they shall be marked with safety warnings to pay attention to fire or explosion prevention. In addition, if the product claims to have been tested by the efficacy evaluation and verification organization and issued a report, the relevant evaluation and verification information can be marked in the product label; If the efficacy has not been evaluated and verified, the words such as the above efficacy has not been evaluated and verified shall be marked at the end of the description of the claimed efficacy and function, and the font shall not be smaller than the identification font of the efficacy and function claimed

industry insiders said that in the future, it will be difficult for children to adapt to the actual situation, and the market norms and standards for children's cosmetics will be stricter. At present, the domestic children's cosmetics market is still in the early stage of development. In the future, the children's cosmetics market will enter a rising period of development. It is estimated that various metal and non-metal materials (plastic, nylon, etc.) can be made into disk type or double ring type during the experiment, and the market share of children's cosmetics has reached nearly 5billion yuan, increasing at a rate of 23% every year. However, compared with the adult skin care market, there is still a huge space for the development of children's cosmetics market

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