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The packaging of moon cakes needs to be improved.

as the saying goes, "compared with the traditional alloy materials, the soldiers and horses are not moving, and the food and grass are first". After the first China · moon cake · future moon cake summit was held in Shanghai this month, the moon cake packaging industry took the lead in launching. What will this industry do this year has aroused great concern from all parties

Tang Tianshu, deputy director of China food industry management center, believes that the connotation and extension of the Mid Autumn Festival, no matter how extended, can't be without the authenticity of the fixture description and the moon cake with national characteristics and interest. The gift, refinement and high grade of the moon cake packaging is the inevitable development trend before and after China's accession to the WTO. Someone once exclaimed whether the high-grade packaging of moon cakes is too much? Even accused of buying moon cakes that are smaller and smaller when the packaging is farther away from the fracture. Are you eating moon cakes or packaging? His view is clear that the weakening of tangible moon cakes is inevitable, while the subconsciousness of consumers induced and even stimulated by intangible packaging will continue to strengthen

looking at the development of China's food packaging, we should first be in line with international standards, including the moon cake packaging industry, which is fruitful and influential. It has been more than 10 years since foreign capital entered the mainland of China. It is widely recognized that the food and related packaging industry is the first industry that has the greatest impact on the daily life of Chinese people. In recent years, foreign capital, taking advantage of the trend of "WTO entry", has launched a series of major measures one after another. While learning modestly, domestic enterprises must also have their own corresponding actions. Otherwise, the surging market trends will mercilessly eliminate and drown you. In this regard, Wuxi Panshi packaging & Gift Co., Ltd., a famous manufacturer of moon cake gift boxes in China that has just passed the ISO9002 international quality certification, is unique. The company has learned from foreign and overseas advanced technologies and management modes, understood and mastered the new trends and trends of international packaging design, developed its strengths and circumvented its weaknesses, and continued to innovate. It has also taken the lead in using law as a weapon. Since 1997, it has applied for patents for nearly 30 kinds of packaging. Shanghai xinghualou, Xinya and some manufacturers in Guangzhou are also making various preparations after China's entry into WTO

zhouguangjun, vice president and Secretary General of China bakery and sugar products industry association, visited moon cake manufacturers and related packaging enterprises in Shanghai, Wuxi, Nanjing and other places after the moon cake summit. In this regard, he said with deep feeling that with the improvement of living standards, the moon cake industry has become more and more prosperous in recent years, but the prosperity must not hide the hidden worry that no one will know the final answer. If the moon cake culture is not further promoted, the moon cake will gradually be indifferent to the rapidly changing food industry. We must not take this lightly. As for Chinese mooncakes going abroad, zhouguangjun believes that the top priority is to greatly strengthen the gift and refinement of moon cake packaging. In recent years, cultural communication has driven the packaging of moon cakes a few steps, but it is not enough. Moon cake packaging must emphasize the combination of fashion and culture, commonness and individuality, nationality and fashion. Even famous brand enterprises should continue to make great efforts to improve the quality of packaging and create their own characteristics. In this regard, there is no old source to eat. To this end, zhouguangjun revealed that the packaging of moon cakes is expected to become the focus of attention at the Guangzhou baked food exhibition in June this year and the moon cake summit next year

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