The hottest new anti cracking agent for waterproof

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A new type of anti crack agent for waterproof coating, which is fully called "anti crack agent for exterior wall insulation and anti crack waterproof coating and its preparation method", has been published in Tianjin recently. It can be widely used in masonry, ash wall, cement mortar, mixed cement slurry to fill all the gaps under the machine base with concrete, insulation board and other substrates, It has the functions of heat preservation, crack resistance and waterproof

according to Meng Zhaorui, the inventor of the patent, the crack resistant mortar and flexible putty prepared with this crack resistant agent will not crack after drying for several months, so that the operation of the curve is simpler and easier, ensuring the waterproof and thermal insulation performance of the coating. Tianjin Tanggu Tianhong chemical coating decoration Co., Ltd. is the biggest beneficiary of this new anti cracking agent. General manager Chen Xinyou said that the preparation process of the new invention is simple and easy to use. The anti crack mortar and flexible putty prepared with anti crack agent are applied to the insulation board or wall, with small volume shrinkage and durability, so as to ensure the waterproof and thermal insulation performance of the insulation coating. The customers who use this new anti crack agent are very satisfied

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