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New means of anti epidemic? "Air purification paint" may kill covid-19 in 15 minutes

a new means of anti epidemic? "Air purification paint" may kill covid-19 within 15 minutes

October 16, 2020

according to foreign media reports, a study found that a special air purification paint that can absorb pollutants and odors can kill some covid-19 strains within 15 minutes. Coating manufacturer Airlite claims that the air purification capacity of their products per square meter is equivalent to a big tree for innovative research and development of new technologies and products

the previous test formula to improve the consistency of test data shows that these coatings have antibacterial and mildew resistant properties. At present, experts from virologyresearchservices at University College London have tested the coating formula of Airlite to fight against nl63 novel coronavirus strain

virologist chiaramencarelli and his colleagues reported that these coatings can eliminate more than 99% of the virus particles on the surface. Airlite claimed that although this coating has not been tested, it should be able to prove that it has the same effect on the covid-19 strain. At present, this powder coating can only be used by a small number of property management and construction companies

it is expected that traditional paint forms will be put on the shelves in local DIY stores in the first quarter of 2021. The prices of interior paint and exterior paint are different, and the final price will be about 2.5 liters. According to Airlite, this coating can promote the production of charged particles in the sun, thus forming an "ionization protective layer". When the virus comes into contact with hydroxyl ions, the hydroxyl ions will steal hydrogen from the former lipid protein shell and turn into water, so as to divide the virus

chrisleighton, managing director of Airlite UK, said: "in the past, paint was only used for decoration, but now it is good for your health. We have proved the effectiveness of Airlite in killing the virus. Now the University of London has found that it is also powerful in destroying novel coronavirus nl63."

Mr. Leighton continued, "especially in the most polluted urban areas, Airlite provides an effective method to purify the air. It helps to prevent respiratory diseases and provides safety for families and workplaces." In addition, this is a once and for all solution. Mr Leighton added, "Airlite can clean the air at one time and help fight various viruses."

airlite has been developing and improving their paint formulations since 2013. At present, government restrictions have prohibited the testing of the coating's ability to fight novel coronavirus. But it has been proved to be effective against a strain of nl63 as well as enteroviruses and "influenza"

the company said that this method of coating to decompose the protein shell of the virus should be equally effective for novel coronavirus strains. He said that we are very confident in the effectiveness of our paint against novel coronavirus. For the second error, it has been proved to be effective for the same type of virus

the coating of Airlite has been adopted by Grosvenor real estate group in Britain and Ireland. The air purification performance of the product has been successfully tested in an apartment in Belgravia and the company's headquarters in Mayfair. Testing began 18 months ago, before the outbreak. In apartment buildings, it is said that this kind of paint can reduce the content of volatile organic compounds in the air by 120 times

according to the comparison results of two coatings in Mayfair's adjacent Office (one is painted with "ordinary" paint, the other is Airlite), the content of nitrogen dioxide using Airlite decreased by 64% in the week of October 2019, from 54 parts per billion to 19. It is well known that the increase of nitrogen dioxide level will increase the possibility of respiratory diseases

tol Bruns, director of sustainable development and innovation of Grosvenor, said: "the adoption of this groundbreaking product will help improve the environmental performance and air quality of our buildings, and serve those who live and work in Mayfair and Belgrade. 9. State mediation."

it can also kill bacteria and flu strains, which is a good thing for all of us

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