The hottest new anti SARS plastic materials in Bei

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A Swedish company recently launched a new type of plastic material in Beijing. This product is the first material in the world that has been tested to kill SARS coronavirus, fine or temporary monopoly bacteria, yeasts and fungi in contact, and can be widely used in a variety of products closely related to daily life

according to the Swedish company, this new technology, named polygiene, is the result of three years of research and development work by the company. At present, the company is applying for a patent for this formula. It can be used in a variety of injection molding amino molding compounds. Based on the characteristics of the resin, the technology adds anti microbial and anti SARS elements, and passes 10 Key links or action parts are mainly antirust touch antirust oil, which is added with the second generation of antibacterial additives to further strengthen the above characteristics. The additive is uniformly distributed in the molded products and locked in the resin matrix

therefore, it enables molded products to have antibacterial and antiviral properties for life, and will never weaken, rather than being limited like surface treated products. In addition, this additive will not have side effects on users and the environment

this new material has been tested by the University of Milan in Italy and the Chinese Academy of Military Medical Sciences, and has been proved to be effective in killing SARS coronavirus and bacteria, yeasts, fungi, etc. It can be used in light switches, doorknobs, push handles, handrails, public utilities and other supplies closely related to daily life, and the cost is basically the same as the original use of plastic. Taking the switch as an example, the cost of using new materials is only about 1% higher than the original. Blackstone said that this new material will be produced in Europe at the beginning, but the company is studying the possibility of producing it in China in the future

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